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  1. ‘Spy’ Magazine Is Back for the Final Month of the Presidential CampaignSpy magazine has made a glorious but limited return to cover the election. Spy co-founder Kurt Andersen announced today that the magazine has […]
  2. bros on bros on bros
    Why Best Bars in America Isn’t ReturningPouring one out for Sean Patton and Jay Larson.
  3. strange bedfellows
    G4 May Rebrand Itself As an Esquire ChannelThey’re looking at jumping into bed with the men’s mag.
  4. celebrity profiles
    The Ten Most Absurd Lines from Esquire’s Jon Hamm Profile“He is eagle poetry.”
  5. tv
    The Franco Brothers Are Adorable… In a five-part video series for ‘Esquire.’
  6. tv
    See a Misshapen But Clever Venn Diagram of Prime-time TVVery insightful. Also, colorful.
  7. books
    Read the Short Story James Franco Wrote for Esquire“Me and Joe, we just sit.”
  8. slideshow
    George Lois on His Esquire CoversThe magazine legend discusses his most influential works.
  9. roger ebert
    Ebert Weighs InEbert weighs in on his ‘Esquire’ profile.
  10. spoilers
    Leonardo DiCaprio Promotes Shutter Island, Sort Of“I’m not going to talk about it in any detail because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who’s going to watch it.”
  11. the take
    Our Undergrad Fiction Workshop Critiques the ‘Esquire’ Heath Ledger Story“Show, don’t tell!”
  12. the early-evening news
    Van Halen Reunites!Amy Winehouse, Harry Potter, and more!
  13. the weekend read
    Horror and Hope in a Russian School