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  1. deep appreciations
    Janet Jackson’s All for You Was a ReawakeningTwenty years later, it’s still the clearest expression of her desire for love to be measured by more than a pain-to-pleasure ratio.
  2. radio vulture
    Pop’s Millennials Are Suddenly at Another Sharp CrossroadsThe stars we met in the ’00s and ’10s are changing their tunes in the ’20s.
  3. first person
    I Couldn’t Imagine Being Happy. But I Could Imagine Being Carmela.I found my model for womanhood in an unlikely place: The Sopranos.
  4. this is country music
    Morgan Wallen Is a Problem of Country Music’s Own MakingIf Wallen is going to be packaged and pushed aside as an abhorrent anomaly, a false narrative gets to go unchecked.
  5. vulture investigates
    U2’s Songs of Innocence Has Been Haunting Me for 6 Years. Until Now.One man’s journey to return Apple’s “gift.”
  6. radio vulture
    We’re Witnessing the Total Breakdown of DiscourseTry to recall another time when a rapper went into surgery for multiple gunshot wounds and it became instant gag fodder.
  7. k-pop
    U.S. Politics Should’ve Seen K-Pop Stans ComingThose who care about the future of American politics should take note of the K-pop phenomenon in its own backyard.
  8. lady a
    If Country Music Wants to Reckon With Its Racism, Look Deeper Than the Bad NamesEven if we are to give “Lady A” credit for their gesture, we must also acknowledge that it should be but the catalyst of far deeper work.
  9. books
    Zadie Smith to Release New Essay Collection About Life During LockdownIntimations, out July 28, was written in the “early months” of the pandemic.
  10. profile
    In Case of Emergency, Read Olivia LaingFrom The Lonely City to Funny Weather, the author writes to find a path forward through pain.
  11. urbano
    Why Bad Bunny and J Balvin’s Joint Album Is So HistoricOasis has the star power to shape a milestone moment across the musical landscape.
  12. books
    Cool Girl Cazzie David Is Writing a BookIt’s an essay collection inspired by her famous family.
  13. essays
    Lauryn Hill Responds to Robert Glasper’s Claims of Music Theft and Mistreatment“I may have been inclusive, but these are my songs.”
  14. essays
    The New Wave of Rap Violence Shouldn’t Be IgnoredYoung artists like XXXTentacion, Kodak Black, and Tay-K are making popular music, but their real-life violent actions can’t just be glossed over.
  15. books
    Will Zadie Smith Ever Feel Free?Her new collection of essays brings to an end a 15-year psychodrama period for her writing.
  16. Yes, To the Bone Is Triggering. That’s What Makes It So Boring.The film is as polite and clinical as a junior-high health class, getting no closer to its subjects than a teacher armed with a laser pointer.
  17. books
    The Acerbic, Unflinching Writing of Samantha IrbyShe took up her confessional writing to “impress a dude” — and wound up marrying a woman. She also picked up a lot of famous fans.
  18. Jessica St. Clair Opens Up About Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis and ‘Playing […]Playing House star Jessica St. Clair has been through a lot over the past year, and as she revealed in a new essay for Stand Up To Cancer this […]
  19. essays
    Gabrielle Union Writes Essay on Nate Parker“I took this role because I related to the experience.”
  20. brexit
    J.K. Rowling Writes Anti-Brexit Essay“The tales we have been told during this referendum have been uglier than any I can remember in my lifetime.”
  21. essays
    Why We’re Still So Bad at Talking About ColorismEven as terms like “yellowface” and “whitewash” sink into our cultural vocabulary, there remains confusion on basic matters of colorism.
  22. prince
    Questlove on Prince: At Heart, He Was More Hip-Hop Than AnyoneHighlights from the drummer’s new Rolling Stone piece, including thoughts on genius, motivation, and influence.
  23. book deals
    That Was Fast! Trevor Noah Is Publishing a Book of Personal Essays “I couldn’t find a good book about myself so I decided to write one.”
  24. Trevor Noah Is Writing a Book of Essays About Growing Up in South AfricaThe Daily Show’s Trevor Noah has a book in the works. According to Yahoo, Noah has signed on to write a collection of personal essays about […]
  25. Mark and Jay Duplass Are Writing a Book of EssaysThe Duplass brothers have a new book in the works. According to Variety, the two have signed a deal with Ballantine Books to publish a […]
  26. Ike Barinholtz Has a Book of Essays in the WorksThe Mindy Project’s Ike Barinholtz has a new book in the works. According to Entertainment Weekly, Grand Central Publishing is set to publish […]
  27. ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Is the Only TV Show That Understands RapeGrab a notebook, Game of Thrones.
  28. essays
    Orange Is the New Black Is the Only TV Show That Understands RapeGrab a notebook, Game of Thrones.
  29. essays
    James Franco Wrote a Very Franco-y Love Letter to McDonald’s“I was definitely not too good to work at McDonald’s.”
  30. Dan Harmon Is Publishing a Book of Essays in 2016Good news for Dan Harmon fans: Entertainment Weekly reports that the Community creator is writing a book of humorous essays to be published by […]
  31. vulture essays
    Twin Peaks Has Cast a Shadow Over All My BooksThe author of The Fever on how David Lynch’s TV masterwork burrowed its way into her life.
  32. vulture essays
    Silicon Valley: So Much Money, So Much DespairThe new guys feel so much like the old ones.
  33. Patton Oswalt Wrote a Piece About Thieves, Hecklers, and Rape JokesPatton Oswalt wrote a blog post Friday, entitled “A Closed Letter to Myself About Thievery, Heckling and Rape Jokes,” addressing three of the […]
  34. Lena Dunham Wrote a Thing About How Much She Likes Puppies for ‘The New […]Lena Dunham wrote a personal essay called “A Box of Puppies” that appears in The New Yorker this week. It’s worth the read if you like Lena […]
  35. essays
    The Sum and the Parts: In Defense of TV RecapsIn which our TV critic, Matt Zoller Seitz, tells you why recaps and overnight reviews are essential and good.
  36. Simon Rich Gives God a Girlfriend in The New YorkerThis week’s New Yorker Shouts & Murmurs is a very funny piece by SNL’s Simon Rich about how Genesis might’ve gone if God was dating someone. […]
  37. Sh*t My Dad Says Creator Talks Failed Sitcoms and Anxious Writers’ RoomsPeep this essay from Justin Halpern, the creator of Shit My Dad Says (canceled) and writer on How to Be a Gentleman (canceled), for the […]
  38. Louis C.K. on Why Women Will Rule the WorldOh, just your weekly reminder that Louis C.K. is fantastic, in the form of an essay about how “the next Steve Jobs will be a chick.” Given his […]
  39. Ricky Gervais Loves Twitter After AllRicky Gervais’ admission that Twitter is actually pretty cool after all (welcome to 2011, RG) quickly morphs into a meditation on the meaning […]
  40. clickables
    Read a Short Michael Chabon Essay on The Phantom TollboothBonus: an awesome photo of elementary-school-age Chabon.