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Estelle Getty

  1. last night on late night
    Nia Vardalos Cooked for Several Golden GirlsThe Greeks did invent cheesecake, so.
  2. fitness
    The Ten Most Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Workout VideosYou haven’t lived until you’ve seen Angela Lansbury’s “improvised rhythmic dancing.”
  3. betty white
    See a Tasteless, Tacky Betty White TattooReally? That’s what you wanted permanently etched into your skin? Zombie Bea Arthur?
  4. See an Epic Golden Girls/Star Wars Graphic Mash-upLuke, Betty White is your father.
  5. the golden girls
    See a Baby Dressed Like a Golden GirlSophia Petrillo: now even tinier!
  6. obit
    Estelle Getty Dies at 84, But Sophia Is ImmortalThere’s just something about ‘Golden Girls’ — and Getty in particular — that gets a girl all worked up.