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  1. outrage
    Cats Drove Evan Rachel Wood Into a Full Meltdown“What the fuck?!”
  2. the law
    Evan Rachel Wood’s Domestic-Violence Bill Was Signed Into LawThe Phoenix Act extends the California statute of limitations on domestic violence by two years.
  3. tralier mix
    Aaron Paul Is Doing Future Crimes in the Westworld III TrailerIt’s a classic boy–meets–robot girl story.
  4. sneak peeks
    Watch a Spooky and Star-Studded Clip From Drunk History Season 6Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen, Evan Rachel Wood, Jack McBrayer, and Elijah Wood bring Frankenstein to life on the Comedy Central series.
  5. castings
    The Incomparable Sterling K. Brown and Evan Rachel Wood Reportedly Join Frozen 2Oh, please let them build a snowman.
  6. deep dives
    Evan Rachel Wood and Julie Taymor: Across the Universe ‘Scared People’The star and director of Across the Universe reflect on Taymor’s reputation as “difficult,” the film’s bungled marketing, and Wood’s first nude scene.
  7. Evan Rachel Wood Explains Why Westworld Is an Actor’s Obstacle CourseThe star of HBO’s hit sci-fi Western takes fans inside the bizarre rigor of her job.
  8. gallery
    The Faces of 2018 Tribeca Film FestivalSaoirse Ronan, Rachel McAdams, the cast of Westworld, and more.
  9. party chat
    Evan Rachel Wood on Creating Westworld’s ‘Dolores 2.0’“She’s still the Dolores we know and love, but she’s also Wyatt, and she’s also this new thing that she’s creating as herself.”
  10. last night on late night
    Evan Rachel Wood Turned Down Mean Girls and Is Now Filled With RegretTina Fey, she is ready to make amends.
  11. equal pay
    Evan Rachel Wood Will Receive Equal Pay for Westworld Season 3“I have never been paid the same as my male counterparts … never, never.”
  12. trailer mix
    Evan Rachel Wood Is Going to Burn Westworld to the Ground in New Teaser“This world is a lie. This world deserves to die.”
  13. Allure Trailer: Evan Rachel Wood Is Holding a 16-Year-Old HostageIn Allure, Wood is a 30-year-old woman holding her 16-year-old lover hostage.
  14. Evan Rachel Wood on Her Gritty New Psycho-Thriller and Westworld Season Two“It was one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my life, holding a gun to Anthony Hopkins’s face.”
  15. san diego comic con 2017
    The Women of Westworld Really Love Being on Westworld“Somebody had given me fucking condor wings, and I got to take off and fly!”
  16. the industry
    Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood Found Out About the Show’s Timelines From a Prop“My mind is completely blown.”
  17. last night on late night
    Human Actor Evan Rachel Wood Also Has Some Westworld TheoriesWe are all Anthony Hopkins.
  18. chat room
    Westworld’s Wood Talks SingularityShe also wept after working with Anthony Hopkins.
  19. tv review
    TV Review: Westworld Is Layered and Self-AwareHBO’s science-fiction epic owes as much to post­modern fiction and television criticism as it does to any post-Sopranos drama you can name.
  20. trailer mix
    Into the Forest Trailer: The End Is NearHope it will be in theaters before the grid goes down.
  21. hbo
    HBO’s Westworld Hiatus Won’t Affect Tax CreditsWestworld won the Powerball!
  22. the male gaze
    Vanity Fair Photo Shoot Made Evan Rachel Wood Feel ‘Like Meat’She was 15 at the time.
  23. chat room
    Evan Rachel Wood on Charlie Countryman, Stalking“There’s the innocent stalking that happens on social media, but if someone has a restraining order against you, it’s probably not a good idea.”
  24. back from the dead
    10 Things I Hate About You Spinoff Is Back On10 Things I Hate About Life.
  25. trailer mix
    Watch the Charlie Countryman Red-Band TrailerShia LaBeouf finds love in a disgusting place.
  26. party chat
    Evan Rachel Wood on Her Sundance Movie With Shia LeBeouf, Who Doesn’t Karaoke“I just don’t think that’s his thing.”
  27. tonys 2012
    Neil Patrick Harris on Hosting the Tonys and Guesting in Sleep No More“If there’s ever any production of theirs they want me to be a part of, I am, by default, their lackey.”
  28. Justin Long Pens Romcom For Evan Rachel WoodPeter Dinklage will costar.
  29. See All the Red Carpet Looks From the 2012 Critics’ Choice AwardsGet a first glimpse of spring in the red-carpet looks from the seventeenth Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, which took place on January 12 in Los Angeles.
  30. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Evan Rachel Wood Kills Her Rendition of Justin BieberPlus: George Clooney considers Ryan Gosling a pretty boy, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  31. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood, and Charlie Rose Skinny Dipped at George Clooney’s MansionPlus: Animal expert Jack Hanna doesn’t actually know much about animals, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  32. clickables
    Watch Ryan Gosling Get Awkward in The Ides of MarchAlso, attempt to place his voice: We hear a little bit of Steve from ‘Sex and the City’ in there.
  33. clickables
    Watch Evan Rachel Wood Karaoke to Justin BieberShe told us she was a fan of the Biebs, and she meant it.
  34. tv
    Five Things We Learned From Mildred PierceSex friends cannot, in fact, be best friends.
  35. party lines
    Guy Pearce at the Mildred Pierce PremiereThe mini-series bows this Sunday.
  36. pets
    Celebrities Befriending Exotic Animals: A Recent HistoryUnusual animals are all the rage right now.
  37. party chat
    Evan Rachel Wood Done Dating True Blood Co-stars“That set is just a love fest … I did date one of the cast members already, so I’m done.”
  38. the industry
    Industry Roundup: George Clooney’s Campaign-Finance Movie FinancedPlus: Bunk joins ‘Breaking Dawn’!
  39. quote machine
    Evan Rachel Wood Still an EnigmaPlus: Taylor Swift is just so wonderful.
  40. vmas 2010
    See All The VMA Red Carpet LooksWork work fashion baby; get your Halloween costume ideas here…
  41. movies
    See Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans in Frank Miller’s Short Film for Gucci PerfumeMmm, perfume.
  42. spider-man
    Spider-Man Musical Gets a New Mary JaneIt’s Jennifer Damiano from ‘Next to Normal’!
  43. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Swank, Hoffman, HopkinsPlus: Fox and Disney announce competing versions of ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.’
  44. mickey rourke
    Which of Mickey Rourke’s Recent Female Co-stars ‘Shits Herself’ When Cameras Roll?“She’s fooled everyone into thinking she’s a lot better than she is.”
  45. spider-manpocalypse
    Broadway’s Spider-Man Needs New Mary JaneEvan Rachel Wood pulled out owing to a scheduling conflict.
  46. the industry
    Will Ferrell to Make a Scene on the Front LawnPlus: M. Night Shyamalan! Ian Somerhalder! Demons!
  47. fangbangers
    Evan Rachel Wood and Alexander Skarsgard Reportedly CanoodlingMore true love on the set of ‘True Blood.’
  48. vampires
    Evan Rachel Wood Is Fully Ready to Bite Both Ways on True Blood“Her human partner is a girl, but I’m pretty sure she goes both ways.”
  49. vampires
    Get a Taste of What’s to Come in True Blood Season TwoAnd there’s a human-friendly version of Tru Blood on the way, too!
  50. the industry
    Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cumming Swing Onto BroadwayPlus: DFW’s second biography is a go.
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