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  1. quote machine
    Al Roker Is Prepared to Milk His Takedown of Spencer Pratt for As Long As PossiblePlus: Alec Baldwin is still talking about that “thoughtless pig” phone call.
  2. quote machine
    Michael Bay Nearly Spared Us a Transformers 3Plus: Bret Michaels befriends the friendosaurus.
  3. quote machine
    Ed Helms on the Unlikeliest Hangover Cameo of AllPlus: Andrew Shue a little bitter about not starring in the ‘Melrose Place’ remake.
  4. casting couch
    Evan Rachel Wood, Vampire Queen of LouisianaNot as cool a title as the “Sausage King of Chicago,” but it will do.
  5. spider-man
    Spider-Man Musical Gets a Name and a Start Date’Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark’ is set to debut on Broadway on February 18, 2010.
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    Faye Dunaway Lets Loose an ‘Oh, Snap’ Moment for the AgesPlus: J.J. Abrams doles out some fanboy nip regarding ‘Star Trek.’
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    Marisa Tomei Is Not Just a Naked LadyAnd Clint Eastwood explains how he’s mastered the nasty-old-bigot role.
  8. apropos of nothing
    We Can Pretty Much Already Guess the Plot of the Next Woody Allen MovieWell, see, because it was just announced that Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood will star in the movie. And Larry David is old and neurotic and creepy, and Evan Rachel Wood is young and beautiful and innocent-looking, so probably there will be an entire gross plot point that … well, you know what we’re saying, we don’t have to spell it out in the excerpt.
  9. countdown
    Julie Taymor and Bono’s ‘Spider-Man’ Musical Actually ‘Across the Universe 2’?Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood as Spidey and Mary Jane?
  10. chat room
    Joni Mitchell Gets Angry, Hugs It OutVulture chats with the legend herself!
  11. apropos of nothing
    Evan Rachel Wood Said Something RacyReading the interview with Evan Rachel Wood in the new GQ, we suddenly felt old, and not just because she’s 19.
  12. the industry
    Batten Down the Scenery: De Niro, Pacino Back Together