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  1. lawsuits
    Taylor Swift Is Being Sued by a Fantasy Theme Park for Trademark InfringementIt’s Evermore v. evermore.
  2. my deluxe album is dropping
    Taylor Swift Releases evermore Bonus Tracks, Offers Distraction From TurmoilIs that a Scooter Braun callout we hear?
  3. my album is dropping whenever
    Did 2020 Kill the Long, Fancy Pop-Album Rollout for Good?Pop stars had been playing the release game with an old set of rules — and losing because of it. Until 2020 broke the board.
  4. records on records
    Taylor Swift Continues Her Record-Breaking Run With ‘willow’ No. 1 DebutAlso: The most Christmas songs in the top ten ever!
  5. billboard charts
    Taylor Swift Has Some Tricks Up Her Sleeve, Conjures Her Eighth Number One AlbumTurns out, you are gonna love again.
  6. last night on late night
    Taylor Swift Debunks That Whole Woodvale Theory on KimmelShe doesn’t goof often, but when she does, her fans will find it.
  7. album review
    Taylor Swift Is Done Self-MythologizingAs folklore did, the stories in evermore ask us to consider what motivates women when they act desperately against their interests.
  8. way too close reads
    So, What the Hell Folk Tales Is Taylor Swift Telling Now on evermore?Finally, girls with long, creepy braids and sweet crushes on their best friends are getting the representation they deserve.
  9. taylor swift
    Who’s Marjorie? and 6 Other Burning evermore Questions, AnsweredAnd why Olive Garden?
  10. rankings
    All of Taylor Swift’s Famously Devastating Track 5’s, RankedFrom “All Too Well” to “tolerate it,” there is a certain vulnerability that comes with the fifth song on all nine of her albums so far.
  11. lyrics
    Here’s How Olive Garden, of All Establishments, Wound Up in a Taylor Swift SongIt involves a Haim.
  12. the inside track
    Taylor Swift’s Haim Collab Tries to Be Cold-Blooded But Is Mostly Just ColdThe evermore song lacks the fire at the center of great country revenge anthems.
  13. way too close reads
    Thank You, Taylor Swift, for Making My Sad Yuletide Gay(er)With “dorothea,” Swift revives the same narrative device she employed on “betty.”
  14. digital fur technology
    Wait, Did Taylor Swift Just Reference Cats on evermore?“Motion capture/ Put me in a bad light.”
  15. my album is dropping
    Play 2020 Out With Taylor Swift’s New Album evermore and ‘willow’ Music VideoHer second surprise release of the year is out now, along with a video.
  16. my album is dropping
    Taylor Swift Found Time to Make a folklore Sister Album, evermoreDropping at midnight, along with a new music video.
  17. Help, I Can’t Stop Listening to the Cheesy New Beauty and the Beast SongsThere’s something there that wasn’t there before.