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Everybody Wants Some

  1. everybody wants some!!
    Eddie Van Halen Could Even Turn a Burger Into a Rock GodOn that surreal scene from Better Off Dead and the power of the late guitarist’s gift.
  2. Every Richard Linklater Movie, RankedFrom Last Flag Flying to Before Sunset.
  3. everybody wants some
    Linklater on Everybody Wants Some’s Gay Subtext“It goes back to ancient Greece. Those early Olympics were performed in the nude.”
  4. Inside Richard Linklater’s Return to Comedy Writer and Director Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!! is being released nationwide today. Like much of Linklater’s work, it has been […]
  5. richard linklater fought the law and the law won
    Badass Richard Linklater Was Arrested in College“I wasn’t driving while black, but I was driving with black.”
  6. movie reviews
    Review: Everybody Wants Some!! Is Effortless FunThe movie is heightened in ways you don’t realize.
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    Why Everybody Wants Some!! Is Accidentally GayThe movie convinced me that somehow, nothing is gayer than being a heterosexual man.
  8. Here’s the Trailer for Richard Linklater’s ’80s Comedy ‘Everybody Wants […]Richard Linklater has been working on his “spiritual sequel” to Dazed and Confused for the past few years, and the first trailer for the film […]
  9. pornstache
    Linklater’s New Film Looks Like a Gay PornSo many pornstaches.