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  1. excerpt
    ‘Would You Be My Kiss‑in Partner?’During a protest at Harvard, Josh Oppenheimer’s kiss shook me into the awareness that I was not quite a man.
  2. book excerpt
    An Oral History of The Office’s Insane Fire Drill EpisodeAn excerpt from Andy Greene’s The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s.
  3. book excerpt
    Kenny Rogers Was Never Just One Kind of ArtistPop-country owes a debt of gratitude to the late singer and his debut hit “Lucille.”
  4. fiction
    ‘I Was 15 and He Was 42’Chapter one of My Dark Vanessa, the debut novel from Kate Elizabeth Russell.
  5. excerpt
    When Playwright Jeremy O. Harris Met Artist Jordan Wolfson“Everyone’s queer for clout now.”
  6. book excerpt
    The Genderqueer Tale of “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”’s Jackie Curtis“I’m not a boy, not a girl — I’m just me, Jackie.”
  7. book excerpt
    How Chris Gethard Learned to Stop Trying to Fit In and Just Do His Own ThingAn excerpt from Gethard’s new book Lose Well.
  8. book excerpt
    The Making (and Unmaking) of Paul’s BoutiqueThe Beastie Boys made a masterpiece. And then they were foiled by Donny Osmond.
  9. excerpt
    The Story Behind the Friends Classic, ‘The One With the Embryos’More widely known as the one with the trivia contest, it’s touted as either the all-time greatest episode of Friends, or a close runner-up.
  10. interview
    Jonah Hill and Michael Cera Get Real About Love, Superbad, and Their Teen Years“I have this footage of us from the Superbad press tour and even watching that and looking at myself when I was like 19, it’s really disturbing.”
  11. book excerpt
    Eric Idle on the Enduring, Powerful Legacy of the Song He Wrote As a JokeHow Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” took on a life of its own.
  12. book excerpt
    How Hiring a Superstar Wrecked New York City OperaThe board thought Gerard Mortier would save the company. Instead, its promises to him doomed it.
  13. the true crime wave
    Just a Shot Away: Peace, Love, and Tragedy With the Rolling Stones at AltamontIn just a few fateful minutes, the ideals of the ’60s unraveled.
  14. book excerpt
    Parker Posey’s Life in Christopher Guest MoviesIn an excerpt from her new memoir, You’re on an Airplane, the actress reflects on Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, and Guest’s zen talents.
  15. The Story Behind H. Jon Benjamin’s Failed Children’s Show, Midnight Pajama Jam“As we kept doing the show, our audience didn’t exactly swell.”
  16. Zora Neale Hurston’s Lost Interview With One of America’s Last Living SlavesIn 1931, she sought to publish an important piece of American history. Instead that oral history languished in a vault. Until now.
  17. Tom Petty Wanted to Make Every New Album an EvolutionHis identity was strong enough to be shaped and reshaped without trading in the parts of himself that were defining.
  18. book excerpt
    Gucci Mane: Mixtapes Saved My CareerGucci Mane on his major-label failure and his radical response: Make as much music as you can, as quickly as you can, and release it all for free.
  19. book excerpt
    Eddie Izzard Got Chased by Three Teen Girls on His First Day Wearing a Dress OutIn his memoir Believe Me, the comedian talks about being confronted while changing in a women’s bathroom.
  20. Why Playing Maura on Transparent Makes Jeffrey Tambor ‘Cranky’An excerpt from his new memoir.
  21. vulture cover story
    How David Letterman Became a Gen-X IconHe bailed out of his own jokes and committed to a lack of commitment.
  22. book excerpt
    This Is the Scene That Got William Daniels to Play Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World“Here was a Mr. Feeny I knew I could play.”
  23. The Golden Girls Proved Its Fearlessness Yet Again When It Tackled HIV/AIDSThe show reminded viewers of its progressiveness when Rose had an HIV scare.
  24. book excerpt
    Cheryl Strayed Was $85,000 in Debt When Her Memoir Wild Got PublishedIn the book Scratch, the author discusses her financial highs (sizable advances) and lows (qualifying for food stamps as a published author).
  25. Sebastian Bach’s Gilmore Girls Fanboy MomentAn excerpt from his new memoir. 
  26. book excerpt
    DJ Khaled Recalls Jet Ski Snapchats in The Keys“Don’t ride your Jet Ski in the dark, but if you do, make sure you have your phone because that flashlight is a key.”
  27. book excerpt
    How Laura Jane Grace Chose Her Female NameAn excerpt from her new memoir, Tranny
  28. book excerpt
    Jessie Initially Took Speed on Saved by the BellThat’s that reason she was so, so excited. 
  29. How to Make Luke’s Coffee From Gilmore GirlsFor when you need coffee in an IV. 
  30. book excerpt
    It Feels Great to Successfully Call Out Sexism in Media (and Jonathan Franzen)An excerpt from Jennifer Weiner’s new memoir, Hungry Heart
  31. Writing Lyrics With Bob Dylan Is Weird“He looked like he hadn’t bathed in weeks.”
  32. book excerpt
    Read the Harrowing Intro to I Am Brian Wilson“Sometimes they just skip the music and go right for me. We’re coming for you, Brian. This is the end, Brian. We are going to kill you, Brian.”
  33. excerpt
    Read an Excerpt From Lil Wayne’s Prison JournalThe book, written during his eight-month jail sentence at Rikers Island in 2010, is out this week.
  34. Read an Excerpt From Lil Wayne’s Prison JournalThe book, written during his eight-month jail sentence at Rikers Island in 2010, is out this week.
  35. the old kanye
    A Former Rapper Remembers When Kanye Was ‘Urkel’“I was told: ‘When you can’t afford Just Blaze, you get Kanye West.’” 
  36. sequential art
    Will Eisner and the Secret History of the Graphic NovelAn exclusive excerpt from a new Eisner biography.
  37. book excerpt
    How Back to the Future Replaced Eric StoltzAn excerpt from Caseen Gaines’s We Don’t Need Roads.
  38. excerpt
    Book Excerpt: Elvis Costello Shares the Inspiration Behind ‘Alison’A chapter from the singer-songwriter’s memoir, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink.
  39. Book Excerpt: Werner Herzog’s Of Walking in IceThe first chapter of the film auteur’s newly reissued nonfiction classic.
  40. excerpt
    David Foster Wallace’s David Letterman Tribute“I am a woman who appeared in public on Late Night with David Letterman on March 22, 1989.”
  41. excerpt
    Natalie Frank’s Grim Fairy-Tale Art“I’m going to marry my daughter, for she is the living image of my dead wife.”
  42. Robert Christgau on the Deaths of Lennon, MarleyAn excerpt from the veteran rock critic’s memoir, Going Into the City.
  43. My Wild Oscar-Party Night With Courtney Love and Jessica LangeAn excerpt from Kevin Sessums’s memoir, I Left It on the Mountain.
  44. excerpt
    Decoding Those Lingering Jay Z Illuminati RumorsAn excerpt from Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll.
  45. excerpt
    Patton Oswalt on Lewis’s Holocaust Clown FilmAn excerpt from his upcoming book, Silver Screen Fiend.
  46. excerpt
    The Slits’ Viv Albertine Recounts Her AbortionAn excerpt from the punk icon’s memoir.
  47. book excerpt
    Amy Poehler on Taping SNL While PregnantIt’s like wearing a sombrero, apparently.
  48. excerpt
    Joe Perry’s Sexual Awakening With Laugh-in’s Judy CarneThe ‘70s were a crazy time.
  49. book excerpt
    My Dad Was James Brown. I Saw Him Beat My Mom.An excerpt from Yamma Brown’s memoir Cold Sweat.
  50. book excerpt
    The Movie That Made Robert De Niro Bankable1988’s Midnight Run changed him from an actor to a star.
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