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  1. exes
    Ashton Kutcher Should Probably Avoid Reading Demi Moore’s MemoirAmong other tidbits, she says he cajoled her into participating in threesomes.
  2. movies
    Jennifer Lopez Went to See Gone Girl This Weekend, TooShe posted a foot-selfie as evidence.
  3. exes
    Drake Plays the ‘Who Has Drake Dated?’ GameOn Ellen.
  4. exes
    Kelis Isn’t Too Bothered by Nas’s Life Is Good Cover“I can respect that he wears his feelings on his sleeve.”
  5. the most important people in the world
    Brad Pitt Did Not Mean to Call Jennifer Aniston BoringBut did he think it?
  6. Tonight: Cameron, Bigelow in DGA Cage MatchExes square off in final battle before Oscars.