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Exit Strategy

  1. exit strategy
    The Circle Might Have a Catfish ProblemWhat was initially a perfectly legitimate tactic within the larger game has become one of the latest season’s biggest bummers.
  2. exit strategy
    Damon Wayans Says He’s Quitting Lethal Weapon“I really don’t know what they’re planning, but that’s what I’m planning.”
  3. exit strategy
    Barring Apocalypse, Daisy Ridley Is Amenable to Playing Rey Again in 30 Years“If in 30 years we are not living underground in a series of interconnected cells … then sure. Maybe.”
  4. the industry
    Ethan Hawke Circling Fox TV ShowIt’s hoped that the project will be the network’s new ‘24.’
  5. pilots
    Fox Orders Another Pilot From Kurtzman and OrciAlex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci’s ‘Exit Strategy’ gets picked up by Fox.