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  1. new shows
    Chris Gethard Is Finally Returning to TelevisionAnd he’s bringing his favorite up-and-coming comedians with him.
  2. vegetables
    Does Kevin Hart Know How an Onion Works? A Vulture InvestigationWe decided to conduct an experiment to find out if onions are, in fact, endless.
  3. experiments
    A Movie’s Popularity Will Determine Ticket Prices at Some Regal Cinemas in 2018Less popular movies and off-peak showtimes will become cheaper, while blockbusters and date nights will get more expensive.
  4. experiments
    Steven Soderbergh Gives New Details on Upcoming Interactive HBO Project MosaicIt sounds extremely fascinating and extremely complicated.
  5. the industry
    AMC Is Hoping You’ll Pay More Money to Watch Shows Live Sans CommercialsEfforts like this could prove essential to the survival of old-school networks.
  6. David Cross Needs Your Help Distributing ‘Hits,’ and the ‘Mr. Show’ […]David Cross has decided to take a different approach in releasing his directorial debut Hits through a new Kickstarter campaign. The film – […]
  7. A Barcelona Comedy Club Is Charging Audiences Per Laugh Through Facial […]Well this is weird. BBC News reports that a comedy club in Barcelona called Teatreneu is experimenting with a new way to get more customers to […]
  8. experiments
    Steven Soderbergh Is Writing a Novella on TwitterIt’s called Glue.
  9. clickables
    Attempt the Flaming Lips’ Latest Musical Experiment, ‘Two Blobs F-cking’Sadly, Blob Fish is not involved.