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Expert Witness

  1. Watch an Architecture Expert Weigh In on Iconic Movie Buildings“Man, sitcom apartments … first of all, why are they so big?”
  2. Watch a Private Eye Fact-check Detective MoviesThis PI exposes the truth!
  3. Watch a Meteorologist Fact-Check Weather MoviesCan it really rain frogs from the sky?
  4. Watch a Midwife and a Doula Fact-Check Hollywood Birth Scenes“What happened to the placenta?”
  5. Watch a Mixologist Fact-Check Hollywood Bar ScenesDoes everybody really know your name?
  6. Watch a Cannabis Expert Fact-Check Stoner MoviesTo put it bluntly, he makes some dope points.
  7. Watch a Sword Expert Fact-check Hollywood Sword FightsThe fact-checker truly is mightier than the sword.
  8. Chef Dale Talde Critiques Hollywood Food ScenesHow do movie restaurants compare to the real thing?
  9. How Realistic Are Shark Attacks in Movies?You’ll never go in the water again …
  10. Camp Counselors React to Hollywood Camp ScenesHow realistic are those food fights in camp movies anyway?
  11. How Realistic Are Hollywood Hacking Scenes?“Type ‘cookie,’ you idiot!”
  12. Sex Educators React to Hollywood’s Sex ScenesThey’re not impressed by the peach in Call Me by Your Name.
  13. How Realistic Are Dinosaur Movies?He’s really hung up on the feathers and the roaring …