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  1. ask an expert
    An Expert Explains Why You’re Scared of Creepy Clowns and Other Horror TropesA Harvard psychiatrist has the answers to your It-based fears.
  2. What Happened to Benjen Stark on Game of Thrones?A complete guide to the lost member of the Stark clan.
  3. explainer
    Separating Fact and Fiction in Netflix’s The Get DownLet us break it down.
  4. explainer
    Should We Worry About Rickon, the Wildest of the Stark Kids?Maybe not as much as you think!
  5. Why It’s a Misconception That Game of Thrones Has Gone ‘Off-Book’There’s still a lot of source material left to mine.
  6. explainer
    What Exactly Do The Path’s Meyerists Believe In?Here’s everything you need to know about the religion-cult hybrid.
  7. explainer
    How Can a Computer-Animated Movie Have ‘Special Effects’? Let Pixar Explain!Why The Good Dinosaur is being called “Pixar’s biggest effects film to date.”
  8. explainer
    What You Need to Know About That Black-and-White House on Game of ThronesAnd the assassins who live inside it.
  9. explainer
    Who Are the Sons of the Harpy, and Why Do They Hate Daenerys?Think of them as Meereen’s version of the Klan.
  10. explainer
    How Trevor Noah Became the Next Host of The Daily ShowGet to know the 31-year-old comedian from South Africa.
  11. explainer
    Here’s Why Taylor Swift Dumped SpotifyShe knows what she’s worth. 
  12. explainer
    Here’s How You Sell a Haunted HouseA realtor who specializes in properties with “stigmatized pasts” explains. 
  13. explainer
    Game of Thrones: How Long Has Ser Jorah Mormont Been Doing That?To viewers paying close attention, this is no surprise.
  14. explainer
    Game of Thrones: Who Is the Mountain?The character has been played by three different actors.
  15. explainer
    Why Is Littlefinger So Obsessed With the Stark Women?Why did he do that thing that he did?
  16. explainer
    How Does the Justice System Work in Game of Thrones?Tyrion went on trial. But what exactly is the law in Westeros?
  17. explainer
    What Happens Next on Game of Thrones Following This Week’s Events?Read no further if you haven’t caught up on this week’s episode.
  18. explainer
    Your Guide to the World of Beautiful CreaturesWe enlisted the help of the books’ co-authors, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.
  19. explainer
    A Crash Course on the Vampire Rules in Breaking Dawn - Part 2Here is how to keep all the vampires straight.
  20. cloud atlas
    Your Guide to the Characters and Connections of Cloud AtlasConfused by the film? Even just a bit? Read our character-by-character explainer.
  21. explainer
    Explaining the Long-Term Success of the Underworld FranchiseFour films in, this relatively small action series about a vampire still makes $100 million every time out.
  22. explainer
    Insiders on Why Kristen Wiig Isn’t Making a Bridesmaids SequelAnd confirmation of her next project.
  23. explainer
    A Handy Guide to Understanding HBO’s LuckWhat is a “Pick Six” and the answers to other questions raised by last night’s premiere.
  24. explainer
    Cougar Town’s Bill Lawrence Talks About Mid-Season Move“I’m not that bummed out.”
  25. explainer
    What’s Mindy Kaling’s Future on The Office?In all likelihood she’ll be acting on it, but she may not be writing for it.
  26. explainer
    Guillermo del Toro Is Too Sad to Explain Why He Left The HobbitHe is really, vaguely bummed.