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  1. What Happened to Benjen Stark on Game of Thrones?A complete guide to the lost member of the Stark clan.
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    Separating Fact and Fiction in Netflix’s The Get DownLet us break it down.
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    Should We Worry About Rickon, the Wildest of the Stark Kids?Maybe not as much as you think!
  4. Why It’s a Misconception That Game of Thrones Has Gone ‘Off-Book’There’s still a lot of source material left to mine.
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    What Exactly Do The Path’s Meyerists Believe In?Here’s everything you need to know about the religion-cult hybrid.
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    Game of Thrones: Who Is the Mountain?The character has been played by three different actors.
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    A Crash Course on the Vampire Rules in Breaking Dawn - Part 2Here is how to keep all the vampires straight.
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    Your Guide to the Characters and Connections of Cloud AtlasConfused by the film? Even just a bit? Read our character-by-character explainer.
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    Explaining the Long-Term Success of the Underworld FranchiseFour films in, this relatively small action series about a vampire still makes $100 million every time out.
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    Insiders on Why Kristen Wiig Isn’t Making a Bridesmaids SequelAnd confirmation of her next project.
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    A Handy Guide to Understanding HBO’s LuckWhat is a “Pick Six” and the answers to other questions raised by last night’s premiere.
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    Cougar Town’s Bill Lawrence Talks About Mid-Season Move“I’m not that bummed out.”
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    What’s Mindy Kaling’s Future on The Office?In all likelihood she’ll be acting on it, but she may not be writing for it.
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    Guillermo del Toro Is Too Sad to Explain Why He Left The HobbitHe is really, vaguely bummed.