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  1. explainers
    A Definitive Breakdown of Phish FandomA guide to help you better understand the massive blob of glitter and glowsticks that has taken over New York this week.
  2. spider-man
    Into the Spider-Verse’s Credits Scene, ExplainedYou’ll be shocked to hear who shows up to do a voice.
  3. explainers
    Outlander Just Brought Back a Beloved Character for a Surprise ReunionSpoilers ahead!
  4. explainers
    Vulture’s New Subscriptions: A Reader’s FAQYou may have questions about how — or why — to subscribe. Here are answers.
  5. spoilers
    How House of Cards Pulled Off Claire Underwood’s Final Big TwistWhat to expect when you’re expecting an HOC surprise.
  6. spoilers
    How Frank Underwood Dies in House of CardsIf you don’t watch the show anymore but still wanna know, we’ve got you covered.
  7. explainers
    Who Are the Three Mothers of Suspiria?A guide to the witches Tenebrarum, Lachrymarum, and Suspiriorum.
  8. primers
    Cardsharps, False Identities, and Pratfalls: A Preston Sturges PrimerRounding up the eight best films by one of Hollywood’s first writer-directors.
  9. true crime
    Who Is Kathleen Zellner, and Will She Free Steven Avery on Making a Murderer?The Chicago-based lawyer has freed the wrongfully convicted 19 times. Is Steven Avery next?
  10. explainers
    Spotify’s Direct Upload Feature, ExplainedWhat their new direct upload features means for you and the music business.
  11. everything we know
    Yeezus 2? Everything We Know About Kanye’s Yandhi Album2018 will never end.
  12. guides
    Eminem’s Surprise Album, Kamikaze: 10 Things to KnowEverything from why Kendrick Lamar is credited as a songwriter, to its Beastie Boys homage, to how it deals with Trump.
  13. explainers
    Nicki Minaj’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week: A TimelineIs there really a conspiracy? Let’s fact-check her claims.
  14. close reads
    Let’s Talk About the Orange Is the New Black Season 6 FinaleWhat does that shocking last scene mean for OITNB’s future?
  15. primers
    Love Triangles, Screwballs, and WWII: An Ernst Lubitsch PrimerLooking at the pre- and post-Code films of the early Hollywood director.
  16. explainers
    A Complete Guide to Sacha Baron Cohen’s Many ControversiesRemember when the FBI was following Borat?
  17. explainers
    The Very True Story Behind A Very English ScandalThe miniseries is a wild tale of politics, sex, attempted murder, and virulent homophobia. It’s also pretty true.
  18. vulture guides
    Everything You Need to Know About Drake’s New Album, ScorpionFrom sampling Aayliah, Atlanta, Maury, and more, to featuring Michael Jackson, to who really wrote it.
  19. explainers
    Everything We Know — and Want to Know — About Drake’s New AlbumWill he address the baby, his Pusha-T beef, or Rihanna breakup?
  20. billboard charts
    Why Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Album Didn’t Debut at No. 15SOS, streaming exclusivity, and XXXTentacion’s death were all major factors.
  21. explainers
    What Happens in Westworld’s Trippy Post-Credits Scene?The very end of season two is a game changer.
  22. explainers
    Your Guide to The Kissing Booth, the Netflix Movie All the Teens Are Wild ForThe story of one girl, two boys, and a booth.
  23. What Spotify Removing R. Kelly and XXXTentacion From Its Playlists MeansThe streaming platform banned both artists from its playlists, but what does that mean for the music industry at large?
  24. A Guide to Jean-Michel Basquiat’s New YorkA glossary elaborating on many of the sources and references within Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat.
  25. Avengers: Infinity War’s Children of Thanos, ExplainedThey’re also known as the Black Order.
  26. Avengers: Infinity War’s Post-Credits Scene, ExplainedIf you’re not a superfan, the last image is a stumper.
  27. All Your Questions About the Cosby Verdict, AnsweredSentencing, appeals, and more.
  28. vulture guides
    How to Tell All the SoundCloud Rappers ApartFrom the face tattoos to the crimes to their confusingly similar names, we’ve got you covered.
  29. explainers
    Your Guide to The Crown’s Gender Pay Gap ControversyEverything to know about the royal scandal.
  30. An Introduction to Japan’s Most Idiosyncratic and Exciting Animation DirectorWe break down Masaaki Yuasa’s best work, including Mind Game and The Tatami Galaxy.
  31. Let’s Talk About the Ending of AnnihilationWhat in the Shimmer is going on at the end of the film?
  32. explainers
    A Brief History of Wakanda, Black Panther’s Fictional UtopiaThe history and politics of this fictional kingdom, explained.
  33. vulture lists
    7 Key Questions to Help You Understand WormwoodA guide to the people, places, and CIA mind-control experiments at the core of Netflix’s Wormwood.
  34. explainers
    Why Lil Rel Howery Is Not Part of Get Out’s SAG Nomination for Outstanding CastLet’s consult the rule book.
  35. justice league
    Explaining That Justice League Post-Credits SceneYou may not have seen whom you thought you saw.
  36. explainers
    Everything to Know About The Good Doctor, America’s New Favorite TV ShowFirst of all, Freddie Highmore stars as a good doctor.
  37. mindhunter
    Watch the Real-life Interviews With Serial Killer Ed KemperMindhunter’s depiction of the infamous “co-ed killer” hews closely to the truth.
  38. explainers
    Everything to Know About Lord John Grey on OutlanderLord John is the key to season three and beyond.
  39. Your Guide to the Shifting Alliances of Game of ThronesHere’s where each major character stands right now.
  40. game of thrones
    Just How Hard Is It to Kill a Dragon on Game of Thrones?A brief history of human-on-dragon warfare.
  41. What’s the Significance of That Ring in Twin Peaks: The Return?And why does it have mystical capabilities?
  42. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Long Night in Game of ThronesAll of the questions you might have about the Long Night, answered.
  43. Your Guide to the Similar-Looking Men of DunkirkHow can you tell those similar-looking British actors with enviable cheekbones apart?
  44. explainers
    Greyscale 101: Your Guide to GOT’s Stoniest MaladyIt’s based on leprosy, smallpox, calcinosis, and fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva.
  45. explainers
    A Clueless American’s Guide to the Battle of DunkirkExplaining the evacuation at the heart of Christopher Nolan’s latest.
  46. game of thrones season 7
    What’s the Deal With Dragonstone, and Why Is It So Important?Explaining the dragon-filled history of the Targaryen stronghold.
  47. chart futures
    Future’s Back-to-Back No. 1 Albums Reflect the Music Industry’s EvolutionHow the artist savvily capitalized on the state of the business.
  48. What You Need to Know About Noah Hawley’s New FX Show, LegionIt’s based on Marvel comic books, but don’t expect any capes or costumes.
  49. explainers
    So, How, Exactly, Is the Pope Chosen? A Young Pope Primer#SmokeWatch.
  50. explainers
    Explaining Rogue One’s Jyn Erso, Who Is Not ReyTo be fair, they are both translucent British brunettes.
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