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  1. profanity!
    Sam Rockwell Joins the Prestigious ‘Drops F-Bomb on SNL’ ClubBeing a science teacher would do that to a man.
  2. last night on late night
    Samuel L. Jackson Dissed Kenan Thompson Over SNLPlus: Tom Cruise got super-soaked in “Water War,” and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  3. snl
    New SNL Cast Member Jenny Slate Drops the F-Bomb, and We F—ing Love Her for ThatJenny Slate gets nothing but love for her first-night slipup.
  4. mcg
    McG’s High Standards to Blame for Christian Bale’s Terminator RantHis perfection-seeking directing style simply got the better of him.
  5. funny ha-ha not funny strange
    Watch Eddie Murphy Drop 224 F-Bombs in Just Over 90 Minutes in RawIt’s the highest-grossing stand-up–comedy film of all time, people!
  6. f-bombs
    See Julia Roberts’s Foulmouthed Tirade!You’ve read the hilarious transcript of Julia Roberts’s speech honoring Tom Hanks last night. Now watch the video!
  7. f-bombs
    FCC Allowed to Fine for ‘Fleeting Expletives’The “one-free-expletive rule” no longer stands, sadly.
  8. f-bombs
    Julia Roberts Works Blue at Tom Hanks TributeWe present to you, without comment, the full text of Julia Roberts’s awesome speech at last night’s Film Society of Lincoln Center 36th Gala Tribute to Tom Hanks.
  9. f-bombs
    McLovin: Above the LawNobody thought to bleep McLovin’s F-bomb on ‘Kimmel’ last night.
  10. f-bombs
    Relive Every Sopranos Profanity in 27 MinutesSome brilliant video editor has assembled this 27-minute compilation of every swear uttered in all six seasons of ‘The Sopranos.’
  11. f-bombs
    Christian Bale Apologizes for Own Indiscretions, Defends Michael Phelps’s“I make no excuses … I was way out of order, I acted like a punk.”
  12. f-bombs
    Does Christian Bale Verbally Assault His Mother With That Mouth?Some poor crew member accidentally messed up one of Bale’s scenes during the shooting of ‘Terminator Salvation’. Hear a leaked tape of his completely reasonable reaction!