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  1. extremely online
    Two Was Company When Suzanne Somers Noticed a Home Intruder During a Livestream“Well that’s um, what do they call it, coitus interruptus!”
  2. facebook live
    Join Us for a Live Talk With The OA’s Brit MarlingMeet The OA creator and star at 10:15 a.m. today.
  3. nashville after-hours
    Nashville Gets Online AftershowThe cast and crew will debrief Nashville happenings on a Facebook Live chat.
  4. last night on facebook live
    Bill Maher Hopes Trump Is Our Y2K“I hope when we look back on this, Trump is […] a bunch of nothing.”
  5. vinbook
    Vin Diesel Got a Trophy for Being Good at FacebookHe recently hit 100 million fans on “Vinbook.”