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  1. the social network
    Facebook Founder Says The Social Network ‘Emphasizes Things That Didn’t Matter’Moskovitz reacts to his filmic depiction.
  2. the social network
    The Social Network Will Open the New York Film FestivalVulture likes this.
  3. the social network
    The Trailer for The Social Network Is … DramaticIt dubs Zuckerberg a “punk” and a “prophet.”
  4. the social network
    Jesse Eisenberg Is a Cooler-Looking Mark Zuckerberg on Network Movie PosterThey made it look like a default Facebook photo!
  5. the industry
    Hollywood Exec’s Facebook Updates Fuel Firing RumorsYet another reminder to always set your preferences to “private.”
  6. facebook
    Mark Zuckerberg Portrayed As Conniving, Hampered by ‘Sexual Insecurity’ in NetworkAaron Sorkin script paints Facebook founder as “borderline-autistic conniver.”
  7. modern family
    Modern Family’s Lack of Gay Kisses to Be ExplainedBut it will probably happen then.
  8. betty white
    Crazed Betty White Fans Now Trying to Give Her Other People’s JobsAnd we support them.
  9. modern family
    Facebook Campaign Seeks Modern Family Cameron-Mitchell KissGroup gets endorsed by one of the show’s stars.
  10. tv
    Jay Leno Makes a Tasteless Joke at Conan O’Brien’s Expense“Al Qaeda, Team Coco”
  11. tv
    Watch a Clip From This Week’s Facebook-Themed South ParkLooks about right.
  12. american idol
    Idol to Allow Finalists to Use Twitter, FacebookOh, and MySpace, too.
  13. the bachelor
    The Quitting Bachelor Contestant Works at FacebookThe truth is in her Twitter feed.
  14. chuck norris
    Facebook and Twitter’s Top Trends of the Year Include Chuck Norris, ObviouslyAlso: “yard,” “years,” and “Facebook applications.”
  15. Janet Maslin Unfriends Ben Mezrich“‘The Accidental Billionaires’ is so obviously dramatized, and so clearly unreliable, that there’s no mistaking it for a serious document.”
  16. Screenplay for Aaron Sorkin’s Facebook Movie Will Teach Us All a Dull, Important LessonSays a blogger who claims to have read it: “It’s a story about greed, about obsession, about our belief that all the money in the world can make us happy.”
  17. ditties
    Potential Love Theme for Facebook: The Movie Comes to LightQuick, someone send David Fincher this MP3!
  18. David Fincher the Perfect Choice to Direct Movie About Similarly Charming Facebook FounderThey’re both jerks! Allegedly!
  19. the take
    The Aaron Sorkin Facebook Movie: A Facebook HistoryWatch Aaron Sorkin go to work — as reflected in his Facebook status updates for Tuesday, September 2, 2008.
  20. news reel
    CONFIRMED: Aaron Sorkin Creates Facebook Page, Writing Facebook MovieIs a man who doesn’t understand Facebook writing a movie about Facebook?