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  1. Watch a Mixologist Fact-Check Hollywood Bar ScenesDoes everybody really know your name?
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    Let’s Fact-check The MegThe dream matchup between Jason Statham and a megalodon, the largest shark that ever lived, takes certain liberties when it comes to science.
  3. Watch a Sword Expert Fact-check Hollywood Sword FightsThe fact-checker truly is mightier than the sword.
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    Trump Crowds Have Definitely Not Broken ‘Elton John Records’Let’s take a look at the numbers.
  5. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Fact-checking the Season FinaleWhat American Crime Story got right and wrong about the closing days of Andrew Cunanan’s life.
  6. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Fact-checking Episode 8Was Andrew Cunanan really molested by his father?
  7. What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in The Death of Stalin?Just how ironic were Stalin’s final hours? Did the whole orchestra brouhaha really happen?
  8. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Fact-checking Episode 7, ‘Ascent’From Donatella’s S&M-inspired dress and Gianni’s cancer scare to the tragic murder of Lincoln Aston.
  9. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Fact-checking Episode 6What American Crime Story gets right and wrong in “Descent.”
  10. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Fact-checking Episode 5What ACS: Versace gets right and wrong in this week’s episode.
  11. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Fact-checking Episode 4What ACS: Versace gets right and wrong in this week’s episode.
  12. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Fact-checking Episode 3What ACS: Versace got right and wrong about the murders of Lee Miglin and William Reese.
  13. Fact-checking The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Episode Two, ‘Manhunt’The duct tape scene isn’t entirely untrue, but it happened much differently in real life.
  14. The Crown: Who Is the Real Antony Armstrong-Jones, a.k.a Lord Snowdon?He’s played in all his delightful, wry sexual fluidity by a very appealing Matthew Goode.
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    A Fact-checked Guide to I, TonyaSo did Tonya really yell “suck my dick” at that judge?
  16. Can Criminal Profilers Really Get Inside the Head of a Killer?The real world is not exactly like a Netflix series.
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    Jada Pinkett Smith Says All Eyez on Me Misrepresents Her Relationship With Tupac“Forgive me … my relationship to Pac is too precious to me for the scenes in All Eyez on Me to stand as truth.”
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    Sean Penn Confirms: Steve Bannon was a ‘Bitter Hollywood Wannabe’ in the ’90sSean Penn says his one-time collaborator Steve Bannon is a “conniving hateful bloated punk who despises mankind.”
  19. What Big Little Lies Gets Wrong About MontereyIf the show inspires you to head West looking for a community of rich, pretty people enjoying wine on their verandas, you may be disappointed.
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    How Neil DeGrasse Tyson Would Explain Trump’s Use of ‘Alternative Facts’Neil DeGrasse Tyson, sci-fi’s preeminent fact-checker, is not a fan of “alternative facts,” as you might have guessed.
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    Weather Channel Rains Down Facts on Breitbart “To all my fellow scientists out there: Let’s make the facts louder than the opinion.”
  22. Fact-Checking the Age-Old Rumors of Walt Disney’s Dark SideWas he an anti-Semite? Racist? Or cryogenically frozen?
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    Ask a Cold War Expert: How Realistic Is The Americans?Vulture investigates.
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    Would You Like a Doctor’s Opinion on Home Alone?“Kevin has moved from ‘defending his house’ into sheer malice.”
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    The Master: Can You Really Make Booze Out of Paint Thinner?Joaquin Phoenix does in Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film. But is it actually possible?
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    Ask a Doctor: Is Batman’s Healing Method Sound?The following contains spoilers of the filmic and medical varieties. Don’t read until you’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises.
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    Does Seth MacFarlane Love Talking Animals Because His Mom Masturbated a Dog?Could Ted’s talking stuffed bear be a manifestation of some deep psychological imprint involving his mother, a pet, and a happy ending?
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    Is the Mob Now As Laughable As Reality TV Makes It Seem? We Ask an FBI Agent“Based on my knowledge, the mob looks at these TV shows as a mockery of what they do.”
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    Are The Killing’s Cops Good or Bad at Their Jobs? We Ask Two Real DetectivesWe’re experts on TV cops, but we needed someone who knows real cops to tell us if Linden and Holder are any good.
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    An Expert Debunks the Movie Myth that A Pill Can Unlock 90 Percent of Your BrainGood news: You can stop doing crossword puzzles.
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    Can a Ballerina Make Out With Her Alternate Self? An Expert Debunks Multiple-Personality Movie TropesDo all real split-personality patients have a “little girl” alter? Do they talk to themselves in the mirror? And much more.
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    We Ask a Real Ballerina if Dancing Swan Lake Really Makes You CrazyAre mirrors really detrimental to a dancer’s mental state? We find out!