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Fahrenheit 451

  1. What’s the Flame Point of Data? Updating Fahrenheit 451 for the E-Book Era.Writer-director Ramin Bahrani on incorporating iPhones and Donald Trump into his HBO movie adaptation of the Ray Bradbury dystopian classic.
  2. tv review
    HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 Is One of the Key Pop Culture Works of the Trump EraIt speaks directly to the persistent cultural conditions that made Trump possible.
  3. HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 Trailer: Burn Baby Burn, Literature Inferno!We’re getting sweaty already.
  4. trailer mix
    Michael B. Jordan and His Muscles Will Burn All Your Books!MBJ stars in HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 movie, out this May.
  5. first looks
    Michael B. Jordan Brings the Heat in HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 First LookWhere’s the fire? Here’s the fire!
  6. casting couch
    Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon to Star in HBO’s Fahrenheit 451It was a pleasure to cast.
  7. the industry
    Ramin Bahrani to Adapt Fahrenheit 451 for HBONot the TV show Numbers, like numerals.
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    Seitz: Ray Bradbury Was the Author of Our DreamsHe was the first author whose words kept me up all night.
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    Ray Bradbury Speaks on Mel Gibson and ‘the Russian Girl’(Gibson owns the movie rights to ‘Fahrenheit 451.’)