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    Despite What You May Have Heard, The Rock Loves and Respects MillennialsDwayne Johnson said he was “baffled” to find out he purportedly insulted the “snowflake generation” in an interview.
  2. last night on late night
    Jimmy Kimmel Denies Fawning All Over Donald Trump Like the President Says He Did“That never happened.”
  3. the fakies 2017
    Fake Wolf Blitzer Accepts Trump’s Fake News Award on KimmelIt’s an honor just to be nominated.
  4. ‘The Late Show,’ ‘Full Frontal,’ and ‘The Daily Show’ Go to War Over […]Ever since Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he was planning to hand out the “Most Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards of the Year” (or […]
  5. ‘PatriotHole’: How the Fake News Makes Fun of Fake NewsDoug Baxter is close to figuring out what the Clinton Foundation is really up to. He’s still connecting the dots, but so far it seems that the […]
  6. fake news
    Alec Baldwin’s George Washington Impression Is Super TrumpyThis one goes out to all the haters and the losers, especially that Alec Baldwin guy.
  7. Whoopi Goldberg Discusses Fake News That Circulated About Her on The View“It endangered my family’s life and it endangered my life.”
  8. last night on late night
    Colbert Says ‘Never Fjorget’ Swedes Not Hurt in Nonexistent Terrorism IncidentPresident Trump mentioned the Swedish attack, which never happened, at a rally.
  9. fake news fears
    Fox Admits Using Fake News to Promote A Cure for Wellness Was Not a Great Idea“The digital campaign was inappropriate on every level.”
  10. marketing gimmicks
    A Cure for Wellness Used Fake-News Websites in Marketing CampaignThe movie partnered with fake-news publishers for a viral campaign.
  11. fake news
    9 Songs That Could Exist If Faith Hill Made a Duets Album With BiggieCNN erroneously tweeted that Hill and Biggie would have a duets album, but what if they did?
  12. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Gives Trump’s Infamous ‘Fake News’ Press Conference a Closer Look“I do hope ‘You are fake news’ makes it into the lexicon as a sassy comeback.”
  13. Ryan Reynolds and James Mangold Deny Deadpool’s Logan AppearanceLogan director James Mangold told fans Deadpool is “not in my film.”
  14. Who Didn’t Lose 2016?Our annual, extremely scientific bracket to determine who lost the least this year.
  15. The Quiet Death of ‘The Daily Currant’, Patient Zero in the Fake News […] Remember when George Bush accidentally voted for Obama? How about when Rick Santorum was caught using Grindr? If these events don’t sound […]
  16. Former ‘Daily Show’ Showrunner Rory Albanese Joins ‘The Minority Report […]Comedy Central’s new Colbert Report replacement, The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore, just added The Daily Show’s former showrunner. Rory […]
  17. ‘The Daily Show’ Hires Jordan Klepper as Its Newest CorrespondentComedy Central announced today that they’ve hired comedian Jordan Klepper to be a new correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Klepper […]
  18. Fox News Anchor Howard Kurtz Says He’s Going to ‘Take On’ Stephen Colbert, […]Fox News anchor Howard Kurtz, who hosts the weekly media criticism show Media Buzz, is really mad at Stephen Colbert, and he seems to be […]
  19. Why ‘The Colbert Report’ Should Use Correspondents More OftenLast week, comedian Scott Thompson made an appearance on The Colbert Report as his Kids in the Hall character Buddy Cole. Cole, a gay socialite […]
  20. Satire Is Hard: Why Most ‘Onion’ Ripoffs Don’t WorkWorking as an editor for my college’s satirical newspaper, I learned one unassailable fact: we would never be as funny as The Onion. As proud […]
  21. Jon Stewart and His News Team Catch Up on Recent Anthony Weiner […] Here’s recently returned Jon Stewart reuniting with his news team to cover a slew of recent Anthony Weiner racial controversies. Good thing […]
  22. Samantha Bee Tries to Reason with Russia From last night’s Daily Show, here’s correspondent Samantha Bee talking to Andranik Migranyan, leader of a Russia-US policy group, about […]
  23. After Three Months Away, Jon Stewart Returns to ‘The Daily Show’ TonightAfter his June 6th show, Jon Stewart left The Daily Show for a three month hiatus to direct his first movie, the geopolitical prison drama […]
  24. ‘The Onion’ Turns 25 This WeekFake news juggernaut The Onion turned 25 yesterday. It was 1988 when two college students started the publication as a print newspaper. Now, […]
  25. Jason Jones Profiles a Raisin Outlaw for ‘The Daily Show’ From last night’s Daily Show, here’s a report correspondent Jason Jones filed on a criminal raisin farmer. Stay tuned for the ending, a […]
  26. Jon Stewart Appears on the Egyptian Version of ‘The Daily Show’On hiatus from The Daily Show to direct his first movie, Jon Stewart dropped by the set of Egypt’s equivalent to The Daily Show to tape an […]
  27. Wyatt Cenac Is Filing His Last ‘Daily Show’ Report Next MonthLongtime Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac will be leaving the series at the end of the year, Vulture reports. Cenac, who joined the show as […]
  28. Leader of the Free World to Return to Basic Cable Comedy ShowIn the midst of his reelection campaign, President Obama will be stopping by The Daily Show on Thursday, October 18th, marking the […]
  29. Nation’s Gullible Continue Being Alarmed by Onion Headlines “Why r ppl not RT this surely they cannot be that stupid!” writes Michael Robinson on Twitter, in response to this video about the CIA using […]
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    Mitch Semel to Head Onion’s TV ArmSemel will ramp up even more TV content.