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Fake Trailers

  1. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Stars in the Fake Film Boston AccentWicked.
  2. fake trailers
    Watch Fuller House Trailer Recut As Horror MovieWhen you’re lost out there … and you’re all alone.
  3. video
    Here’s a First (Fake) Trailer for True Detective Season 2 Carcosa in the desert.
  4. fake trailers
    Watch Rogen’s Fake Pineapple Express 2 TrailerApril Fools’, guys.
  5. parks and recreation
    A Trailer for ‘Parks And Recreation: The Movie’Beware the curse.
  6. fake trailers
    Watch The Magic School Bus: The Movie Trailer We’re all grown up now, aren’t we?
  7. hungry hungry hippos
    Fake Trailer for the Hungry Hungry Hippos MovieBut, seriously, this is happening.
  8. justice league
    Watch a Fan-Made Trailer for Justice LeagueApparently, somebody really can’t wait for the premiere.
  9. fake trailers
    Orkney Trailer6 Go to Orkney: Please become a real thing.
  10. clickables
    Watch a Fan-Made Trailer for E.T. X: Extinction, a (Fake) E.T. SequelFanged E.T. is legitimately scary.
  11. clickables
    See the Angsty Live-Action Trailer for Doug: The MoviePour one out for Porkchop.
  12. trailer mix
    Fan-Made Green Lantern Trailer Aims to Satiate Fanboys EverywhereAnd you know what? It mostly succeeds.