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  1. new music
    Green Day, Weezer, and Fall Out Boy Join Forces for the Tour to End All ToursAll three bands are going on a joint tour in 2020, will each drop new albums to go with it.
  2. videology
    Fall Out Boy’s New Song and Video Are Going to Scramble Your BrainThe video has an unexpectedly dark message.
  3. hard pass
    Ray Parker Jr Weighs In on New Ghostbusters SongIt would have made him feel good.
  4. hard pass
    The Joylessness of the New Ghostbusters ThemeLet’s laugh through this today and never speak of it again.
  5. right-click
    FOB, Missy Elliott Remake Ghostbusters ThemeThey’re not afraid, but you might be.
  6. chat room
    Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz on ’N Sync Nostalgia, Rockism, and His Super Bowl Pick“To me, I look at artists like Skrillex, and that guy is rock and roll.”
  7. the toy store strikes back
    Fall Out Boy Made a Sequel to an ’N Sync VideoThe sequel you never knew you needed.
  8. last night on late night
    Fall Out Boy & Boyz II Men Do ‘Motownphilly’Jimmy Kimmel Live mash-up.
  9. videology
    Here’s Fall Out Boy’s Aware ‘Irresistible’ VidFeaturing Demi Lovato and Doug the Pug!
  10. clickables
    2 Chainz Is in the New Fall Out Boy VideoHey, Fall Out Boy is back.
  11. chat room
    Patrick Stump on Leaving Fall Out Boy, Losing Weight, and ‘Betting the Farm’ on His Solo Album“I’m kind of gambling everything on this. If it doesn’t take off I’m gonna go broke, and I don’t care.”
  12. falling out
    Pete Wentz: Fall Out Boy Isn’t Completely DeadThey might play music again, as long as it feels authentic.
  13. parting is such sweet sorrow
    Pete Wentz’s New Haircut Signals the End of an EraBye bye, emo bangs. Hello, adulthood.
  14. the industry
    John Malkovich to Underestimate a HorsePlus: More from Fall Out Boy and the CBS crime-procedural department.
  15. quote machine
    Oprah: Not That Interested in Taking a Pay CutPlus: Okay, who was the genius who told Fall Out Boy they should start watching Fellini?
  16. quote machine
    Lily Allen Would’ve Been Even More Awesome in the EightiesPlus: What happened when Tenacious D met Flight of the Conchords!
  17. right-click
    Eminem Falls Off the WagonPlus: Fall Out Boy!
  18. right-click
    Fall Out Boy Cover Their BasesPlus: The Notwist!
  19. lil wayne
    Why Must Lil Wayne Be So … Normal?First his boring ESPN blog, now he’s hanging out with Pete Wentz?
  20. right-click
    Kanye Gets StumpedPlus: Eddie does Trent!
  21. imminent disasters
    Can Britney Spears, 50 Cent, the Killers, Kanye, Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Practically Every Other Artist Ever Save Music Industry?No!
  22. right-click
    Fall Out Boy Not Overly Concerned About Their LamenessPlus: Lil Wayne!
  23. quote machine
    Mike Myers Shares Your Creepy Enthusiasm for Justin TimberlakePlus: Adam Carolla still sore about being eliminated on Dancing With the Stars and Mike Doughty hopes Sex and the City: The Movie flops.
  24. vulture lists
    10 of the Most Ridiculous Rock-Star StuntsHilarious shenanigans — from the Rolling Stones’ fifteen-foot inflatable onstage penis to Dylan’s conversion to Christianity — have always been part of rock and roll.
  25. apropos of nothing
    Global Warming, Bad Weather Scuttle Fall Out Boy’s Quest for Antarctic GloryThe ice shelf on which Pete Wentz and crew hoped to rock out is collapsing into the sea.
  26. the take
    Can Fall Out Boy Make It to Antarctica? An Anxious Nation WaitsWe’re on the edge of our collective seat here today, waiting for news of whether Fall Out Boy will be able to pull off one of the greatest douche-rock stunts of all time.
  27. right-click
    Bobby Digital Returns!RZA is back with a new song from his upcoming solo album, Animal Collective are a bunch of hippies, and, against their better judgment, the Roots let that guy from Fall Out Boy sing on their album.
  28. quote machine
    Fall Out Boy Guitarist Claims He Doesn’t Associate With Douche BagsPlus: A-Rod!
  29. the early-evening news
    Vulture Makes ‘Kid Nation’ a Hit!It’s true!
  30. the early-evening news
    Breaking: Keith Richards Can ReadAmy Winehouse, Pete Doherty, and other role models!
  31. right-click
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Slightly Inferior to BeyoncéRyan Adams, Super Furry Animals, and more!
  32. news reel
    Pete Wentz, Little Fish in Big Live Earth PondThe Fall Out Boy lead singer interviewed just after the band’s Live Earth show.
  33. quote machine
    Fallout Boy Singer Sick of Hearing About Pete Wentz’s Nudie Pics
  34. news reel
    Drinking With Fall Out Boy