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Fall Tv 2014

  1. dead or alive?
    Quiz: Is This Walking Dead Character Dead or Alive?Can you remember who’s still with us and who’s not?
  2. cancellations
    RIP, Selfie#No #one #was #watching #Selfie.
  3. tv
    Why The Newsroom Was Always Doomed to FailNo one is actually rooting for cable news.
  4. your tv ratings explained
    It’s Been a Very Good Fall for New TV DramasThe best news for broadcasters this fall has come in the form of new hourlong successes.
  5. end of the road
    NBC Has Canceled A to Z and Bad JudgeDead shows walking.
  6. tv review
    TV Review: CBS’s The McCarthysIf this were 1994, The McCarthys would be a groundbreaking sitcom.
  7. end of the road
    ABC Has Canceled Manhattan Love StoryIt was the rom-com about a young couple in love. The other one. No, the other other one.
  8. fall tv 2014
    I Didn’t Believe a Second of NBC’s ConstantineTV’s latest comic-book show.
  9. horror week
    AHS: Freak Show’s Sarah Paulson Faces Her FearsHer role playing conjoined twins is a disorienting feat of mind-body multitasking.
  10. fall tv 2014
    I Just Can’t Watch You, Marry Me. I Just Can’t.I’m just looking for something different in a sitcom, okay?
  11. tv review
    Jane the Virgin Is Miraculously GoodSmart, confident, emotionally authentic. Come collect your prize, Jane the Virgin!
  12. tv review
    TV Review: Cristela’s So-So, But Cristela Is GreatCristela Alonzo is great. If only her show deserved her.
  13. fall tv 2014
    You’ll Want to Embrace the Mystery in Showtime’s The AffairOr, Rashomon Goes to Montauk.
  14. fall tv 2014
    Fall TV Ratings: The Flash Delivers the CW’s Biggest Debut in 5 YearsQuickly delivering nice ratings for the CW.
  15. tv review
    American Horror Story: Freak Show Is Magisterially TrashyMany of the cast members are back, doing what they do best, which is shred scenery like a pack of Tasmanian devils.
  16. tv review
    The Flash Is Surprisingly Charming Superhero TVThe CW’s latest adaptation of a DC Comics property debuts tonight.
  17. fall tv 2014
    Fall TV Ratings: Mulaney Flops Out of the GateThe comic’s throwback sitcom fails to meet even the super-low Nielsen expectations for it.
  18. tv review
    Mulaney Is a Stand-Up LetdownIf you suck all the joy out of stand-up comedy, what’s left?
  19. tv review
    Everyone on NBC’s Bad Judge Deserves Better[bangs gavel]
  20. tv review
    Gracepoint Fails to Offer Any Reasons for Its ExistenceThey’re as close to the same shows as they can be and still have been made in different years by different people.
  21. tv review
    Stalker Is Just the Latest CBS Fear ProductStarring Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q.
  22. your tv ratings explained
    Early Fall Network TV Ratings: The Good and BadReasons for networks to hope, reasons to cry.
  23. let's do the timeshift now
    How to Get Away With More Viewers: DVRs and VOD Even Bigger This FallViola Davis’s jump to network TV drew in more time-shifters than expected.
  24. fall tv 2014
    TV Review: Manhattan Love Story Is Not LovableIt is set in Manhattan. We’ll give it that.
  25. tv review
    TV Review: Selfie Is Just Slightly Out of FocusThere’s a better show in here somewhere.
  26. premiere week ratings 2014
    Premiere Week Ratings: ABC’s How to Get Away With Murders CompetitionShonda block did very well.
  27. schedule shifts
    CBS Is Already Shaking up Its Schedule: Mom Is on the Move to ThursdaysAnd The Millers heads to Mondays … for now.
  28. fall tv 2014
    20 People to Follow on Twitter Before Tonight’s Scandal PremiereHappy #ScandalThursday, gladiators.
  29. fall tv 2014
    Premiere Week Ratings: S.H.I.E.L.D. Sags While CBS and NBC SoarPlus: Fox’s Tuesday is in deep trouble.
  30. fall tv 2014
    Kenya Barris on Shonda Rhimes and Child-Spanking“It feels as if a lot of [this] country still believes in spanking.”
  31. fall tv 2014
    In Its Own Sweet Way, ABC’s black-ish Is a Landmark ShowStarring Anthony Anderson as the patriarch of an upper-middle-class African-American family.
  32. fall tv 2014
    Here Are the Villains You’ll Meet Tonight on GothamSome details have changed.
  33. fall tv 2014
    TV Review: If CBS’s Scorpion Is About Geniuses, Why Is It So Dumb?The characters mention their IQs four times in the first 18 minutes.
  34. fall tv 2014
    What You Need to Know Before Watching Season 2 of The BlacklistA catch-up guide.
  35. tv review
    It’s Live, Die, Repeat for Ioan Gruffudd in ABC’s ForeverIt’s risky to base an entire TV show around the charisma of your lead actor.
  36. primers
    What to Remember Before Sleepy Hollow Season 2A quick refresher on what’s up with Ichabod, Abbie, pals, and enemies as the show returns from a long hiatus.
  37. fall tv 2014
    Which Sophomore Shows Will Thrive, and Which Will Take a Ratings Dive?Will any second-year network shows surge?
  38. tv review
    TV Review: Grade Gotham on the Superhero CurveThe superhero curve = anything not terrible is good.
  39. tv review
    TV Review: Madam SecretaryChanneling The West Wing, but not often enough.
  40. fall tv 2014
    Fall TV Ratings: Fox’s Red Band Society Opens WeaklyBut a lot of people were apparently curious about The Mysteries of Laura.
  41. tv review
    TV Review: Red Band Society — Isn’t Cancer Fun?More like Red Bland Society, am I right?
  42. tv review
    Mysteries of Laura Is a Bad Show. It’s a Bad, Bad Show.Did you know sometimes moms do things?
  43. when is this happening?
    Your Complete Guide to This Fall’s Network TV-Show Premiere DatesJust bookmark this page.
  44. fall tv 2014
    Can Thursday Night Save Network TV?Even in an age of time-shifting and digital watching, one night still matters.