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Fall Tv 2015

  1. the industry
    Fall 2015 Is Shaping Up to Be a Season for SettlingExecs have come to realize that it’s almost always possible to do worse these days.
  2. tv review
    Truth Be Told Is a Series of Worthless ‘Jokes’ About Race and Gender“Chinese” is not a spoken language.
  3. tv review
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Is Crazy GoodThe show expertly mines the cultural baggage of crazy, a word lazily lobbed at women to discount behavior men want to minimize. 
  4. fall tv 2015
    Vulture’s Fall TV Commitment Calculator: How Many Hours Will You Spend Watching?Just how many hours are you planning on watching?
  5. tv review
    Dr. Ken, Heal ThyselfAvoid.
  6. fall tv 2015
    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Premiere WeekThis is network TV in 2015: Numbers considered dreadful five years ago are now regarded as pretty good.
  7. tv review
    ABC’s Quantico Is Familiar in All the Right WaysGrey’s Anatomy at the FBI, in a good way.
  8. tv review
    The Player Is Playing a Dumb GameThe Player might not be the dumbest show of all time … but it’s up there. 
  9. tv review
    We Deserve Better Than Rosewood Come on.
  10. fall tv 2015
    Scream Queens and Heroes: Haven’t We Met?What kind of deal do we strike with familiar shows?
  11. the vulture tv podcast
    Which Network-TV Shows Have a Pulse This Fall?And which are DOA?
  12. the old-yet-new world order
    The 5 Biggest Fall TV Trends to WatchThe failures could be spectacular.
  13. tv review
    Minority Report Is Another Damn Cop ShowThe production design is the best (maybe only) reason to watch.
  14. tv review
    Blindspot’s Blind Spot Is Its Use of Women As PropsThere should be more to this show.
  15. fall tv 2015
    7 Things We Learned About Crazy Ex-Girlfriend at PaleyFestConfirmed: crazy.
  16. mark your calendars
    2015 TV Premiere Dates: A Handy Guide to What’s on in September and BeyondThink twice about printing this, and then still do it.
  17. stay tuned
    Are Any of the New Fall Shows Good? Your Pressing TV Questions, AnsweredPlus: Should I watch How I Met Your Mother even though I know the ending sucked?
  18. fall tv 2015
    How to Catch Up on Fall TV’s Returning FavoritesYou have 58 days to watch 134 episodes of The Good Wife.