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  1. who were the 2010s?
    Kim Kardashian West on Her Decade of Multi-Platform FameThroughout the 2010s, she demonstrably shifted American culture, changing the way we understand fame and the internet.
  2. fame
    Justin Bieber Unpacks the Effects of Child Stardom in Emotional Instagram Post“Have u noticed the statistics of child stars and the outcome of their life?”
  3. fame
    The 1975 Just Got Even Better“I make music, it makes people happy. I find everything else a bit hard.”
  4. okay sure
    The Summer of Scam Is Bleeding Into WinterJered Threatin is either a performance artist or a short-sighted con man
  5. The A-List of Z-ListersRita Ora. Blac Chyna. Colton Haynes. Zendaya. Bella Thorne. A guide to the many, many celebrities whose names make you say … “Who?”
  6. Amanda Bynes on Asking Drake to ‘Murder’ Her Vagina: I Was Serious, But on DrugsThe former child star says she’d like to return to TV.
  7. life after people
    Jennifer Garner Turns on People, Her Favorite TabloidWhat’s going to happen now?
  8. Drake Goes to Cousin’s Prom, Gets Upstaged by Her OutfitA night to remember indeed.
  9. Game of Thrones Actress Sophie Turner Claims She Did Not Use the N-Word in VideoThough the star appeared to use the racist slur in an Instagram video, she says she “would never use such an abhorrent word.”
  10. Former Bachelor Chris Soules Reportedly Arrested After Fatal CrashHe has reportedly been “booked on the charge of leaving the scene with a death.”
  11. fame
    John Legend Calls Kanye’s Meeting With Trump a Publicity StuntHe’s disappointed.
  12. taymerica
    Ryan Reynolds Explains That Taylor Swift 4OJ PicReynolds finally opens up about that chilling photo.
  13. confessions
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Had No Idea Who Edward Snowden Was Until He Played Him“Which one is he?”
  14. happy birthday yonce
    Beyoncé’s Birthday Party Looked Extremely, Extremely FunEveryone was there.
  15. young americans
    What Does Taylor Swift Do Now?No one can become that famous and still retain any genuine innocence, least of all regarding fame.
  16. fame and fortune
    What Kanye Has in Common With Trump. And Martin Luther King.More and less than you think.
  17. Louis C.K.’s Talks New York, Fame, and Success with ‘The Hollywood […]Just in time for the season 5 premiere of Louie tomorrow night, The Hollywood Reporter has a lengthy piece out today in which C.K. reflects on […]
  18. encounter
    Om-ing by the Beach With Andrew Keegan, Former Teen Idol Turned Spiritual Guru“I had this girl come up to me not that long ago and say, ‘I used to just love you!’ It’s always past tense now. And I’m like, ‘Can’t we just always love each other and everybody in the world?’ ”
  19. profile
    Benedict and the Cumberbitches: What Fame Looks Like From Inside a MemeNo one is immune to the charms of “the Internet’s Boyfriend.”
  20. Zach Galifianakis Just Wants to Watch Lifetime Shows in Peace“Being a celebrity is shit — it’s dumb, and I’m not interested in it. I like to be an actor, and that’s it. The blurred lines are, I think, […]
  21. Mike Myers Gives Advice to Young Performers: ‘Don’t Want to Be Famous’“I’ve never thought that I was going to be discovered. I just didn’t think that – I just thought I’d be somebody who was a hard worker. And […]
  22. fame
    Justin Bieber: A Case Study in Growing Up Cosseted and FeralFrom precocious youth to TMZ-baiting, brothel-visting postadolescence.
  23. fame
    Polone on Paid Friends in HollywoodIt is such a prevalent aspect of life that it almost feels natural—although the most salient characteristic of paid friendships is that they’re not natural at all.
  24. fame
    How Captain America’s Chris Evans Finally Got Tired of Being FamousThe Captain America star has arrived at the point where he plans to quit acting.
  25. fame
    Is Jennifer Lawrence Katniss-ing Us?Is J.Law taking after her Hunger Games character and pulling one over on all of us?
  26. fame
    Miley, Britney, and How to Be a Good CelebrityAs demonstrated in Miley: The Movement.
  27. i'm gonna live forever
    The CW Wants Debbie Allen’s Next Fame ShowDon’t we all.
  28. heisenberg
    See the New Poster for Breaking BadWalter White, Fame fan?
  29. summer guide 2013
    Why Pop Stars Rule the World and Movie Stars Hardly MatterToday’s pop may be largely prefab, but it moves at the speed of digital.
  30. what's in a name?
    Bynes, Palmer, and Knox: An Amanda Comes to Terms With Amanda Shame2013 has not been a great year for Amandas.
  31. save ryan gosling from the internet
    Ryan Gosling Cannot Escape His Own MemesThis Week in Ryan Gosling Memes: Cereal.
  32. re-breakups
    So Ends the Ballad of Katy Perry and John Mayer, Part TwoSplitsville, kids. Splits. Ville.
  33. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Selena Gomez Dissed Justin BieberPlus: Jennifer Love Hewitt denied saying that she’d insure her “ladies” for $5 million, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  34. like really
    Emma Watson Has Had It With the Fifty Shades Rumors“Like really. For real.”
  35. oscars 2013
    Oscars Producers Defend Seth MacFarlaneClassic boys who cry “satire.”
  36. right-click
    15 Talking Points About Beyoncé’s New Song(s)She just dropped “Bow Down/I Been On.”
  37. fame
    Why Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence Are BelovedSocial media’s effects have made it imperative for actresses to always feel accessible. Woe be unto Anne Hathaway for acting like a star.
  38. oscars 2013
    Men With Long Hair Having Best Oscars EverCongratulations, fellas.
  39. oscars 2013
    Here’s Seth MacFarlane’s Boob SongEnjoy?
  40. part and parsing
    Don’t Call Lena Dunham ‘Brave’Her acolytes toss out this term whenever her nudity comes under attack. But this isn’t courage, it’s savvy.
  41. romance
    Seth Cohen Is Dating Blair WaldorfDoes Chuck know?
  42. oscars 2013
    Nine Points of Interest From 2013’s Oscar Class PhotoDid a lady wear cat ears while standing next to Anne Hathaway?
  43. chat room
    Jemima Kirke on the Girls Backlash, Surprise Weddings, and Damien Hirst“I do read everything. I read all the comments.”
  44. braking news
    The Politics of Hollywood ParkingIt’s a wonder more famous people don’t get into Chris Brown–Frank Ocean brawls over a space.
  45. right-click
    Justin Bieber Is Taking His Breakup Pretty HardAw, little swaggy.
  46. quotables
    Aretha Franklin Thinks Beyoncé’s Lip-Synching Scandal Is a Hoot“When I heard that I just really cracked up.”
  47. rejection
    SXSW Rejected Canyons Because of ‘Quality Issues’There’s an “ugliness” and a “deadness.” 
  48. hand me downs
    Beyoncé’s Fake Wedding Dress Could Be Yours!For only $30,000.
  49. covers
    Why Is Tina Fey Lois Lane?To Alec Baldwin’s Superman. What the what?
  50. party chat
    Michael J. Fox Would Not Want Taylor Swift to Date His Son“Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right?”
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