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Fame In 1998

  1. friends anniversary
    How Friends Decided to Pair Off Monica and ChandlerThe co-writer of the famous London hookup episode walks us through how the couple came to be. (And why they almost didn’t.)
  2. parting shot
    The Most 1998 Celebrity Pics EverCelebrities wearing late-’90s period garb, celebs hanging out with random celebs, and celebs that you haven’t thought about in a decade.
  3. fame in 1998
    1998 Quiz: How Well Do You Remember These Celebrity Quotes?Warning: This one is for 1998 memory wizards only — it’s pretty tricky. No “I’m King of the World!” here.
  4. Irene’s True Story of The Real World: SeattleShe’s still recognized everywhere fifteen years later, as her “slap heard around the world” is maddeningly replayed by MTV.
  5. fame in 1998
    How Gossip Has Changed Since 1998 (and a Huge Way It Hasn’t)Since 1998, social media has altered how celebrity news is prepared and consumed, but a basic rule of gossip remains in place fifteen years later.
  6. fame in 1998
    The Music Industry in 1998: The Titanic Right Before It Hit the IcebergThe debut of Napster in 1999 wasn’t the only impending fatal blow to a business fat off of teen pop.
  7. fame in 1998
    Dave Holmes on TRL, Jesse Camp, and 1998’s Other Big MTV MomentsThe former VJ expounds on Britney, Kid Rock, and more.
  8. fame in 1998
    Diablo Cody on 1998 Pop CultureThe Oscar-winning screenwriter on eight pop-culture moments from the year.
  9. fame in 1998
    Patrick McMullan Tells the Story of His Amazing Leonardo DiCaprio Photo“I paid for the limo because I think I had more money than any of them at the point.”
  10. fame in 1998
    Remembering Leonardo DiCaprio’s Days As New York’s Party Prince of 1998The hottest young actor in America and his rowdy friends have made nighttime New York their playground.
  11. fame in 1998
    A Timeline of Titanic’s World Dominance in 1998This movie was everywhere.
  12. fame in 1998
    And Now We Will Listen to 15 One-Hit Wonders From 1998Hint: You’ll get knocked down, but you’ll get up again.
  13. fame in 1998
    James Van Der Beek on Dawson’s Creek and Becoming Famous in 1998“I remember meeting [Leonardo DiCaprio] at the Playboy Mansion, actually.”
  14. banner year
    Vulture Looks Back at Fame in 1998Join us as we go back to the era when Timberlake had frosted blond hair and Leo was king of the world.