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Familiar Faces

  1. familiar faces
    Scandal, Parenthood, and the Art of the Casting Double-DipBoth shows draw heavily on the casts of their creators’ previous shows. But in different ways.
  2. familiar faces
    The Summer of Friday Night Lights AlumnaeOh, Becky, we believe in you.
  3. familiar faces
    See Mad Men’s Ken Cosgrove As a Gnarly Sex-in-a-Van GuyOn Newsreaders.
  4. familiar faces
    Your Guide to the TV Stars of Zero Dark ThirtyCoach Taylor and Tony Soprano killed Osama bin Laden!
  5. familiar faces
    See Who’s Playing AHS’s Present-Day Bloody FaceSomeone familiar …
  6. familiar faces
    Your Cheat Sheet to Awake’s Familiar FacesWe’ll save you a trip to IMDb. Here’s where you know these people from.