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  1. the industry
    Josh Trank Claims Fantastic Four Executives Refused to Cast Black Sue Storm“I should have just walked when that realization hit me.”
  2. a long talk
    For Josh Trank, Making a Movie About Syphilitic Al Capone Was Therapy“I felt like writing about somebody whose life is actually coming to the end was a way to remind myself every day that my life isn’t over.”
  3. looking back
    Fantastic Four Director Josh Trank Reviews 2015’s Fantastic Four on Letterboxd“I was expecting it to be much worse than it was.”
  4. What Will the Disney–Fox Merger Mean for Superheroes?What happens to the existing X-Men franchise?
  5. in conversation
    Miles Teller on His New Movie, Superhero Franchises, and Being Likable (or Not)The actor on Thank You For Your Service, superhero franchises, and being likable (or not).
  6. san diego comic-con 2017
    Noah Hawley Is Developing a Doctor Doom Movie at FoxThe world of the Fantastic Four is not totally dead!
  7. engagements
    Kate Mara and Jamie Bell Are EngagedSue Storm and the Thing are hitched.
  8. tranks for nothing
    Josh Trank Doesn’t Deserve to Be a Catchall for Failed Young DirectorsThe Fantastic Four helmer was burned anew.
  9. comic books
    Michael B. Jordan Is Writing a Spy Comic, Because He’s PerfectI spy a spy comic.
  10. toronto film festival 2015
    If You Enjoyed Her Reshoots Wig in Fantastic Four, Kate Mara Is Happy“I’ve been told that people have played drinking games with my hair continuity.”
  11. self care
    Kate Mara Is Still Too ‘Gun-Shy’ to See Fantastic FourBut she swears she had a good time making it.
  12. deleted scenes
    The Thing Could Have Had a Lot More Clobberin’ Time in Fantasic FourThat time-jump wasn’t supposed to be choppy.
  13. flops
    Even More Fantastic Four Drama LeaksWe need a Fox hack.
  14. flops
    Here’s All the Juicy Post-Flop Fantastic Four Gossip for YouWhen a film this big goes this wrong, everyone has an ax to grind.
  15. superheroes
    Please, Hollywood, Don’t Give Up on the Fantastic FourThe terrible new movie hides the relevance of the idea.
  16. box office
    Tom Cruise Saves the World From Fantastic FourMoviegoers chose to see Tom Cruise run instead of superheroes saving the world this weekend.
  17. hair
    And Now, a Tribute to Kate Mara’s Awful Wig in Fantastic FourWhich sections of the movie were totally reshot? You’ll know them when this blonde monstrosity pops up.
  18. timelines
    A Timeline of Fantastic Four’s Terrible BuzzFans have looked forward to hating for it months.
  19. movie review
    Fantastic Four Is a Confused, Joyless MessThis thing, one suspects, went off the rails early, and hard.
  20. What Critics Are Saying About Fantastic Four“Unfantastic.” “Not Fantastic.”  Wordplay!
  21. bad interviews
    Watch Fantastic Four Weather This Bad InterviewPress junkets continue to be bad.
  22. vulture remix
    Fant4stic Works Better As a ’90s VHS FlickThe latest episode of “Vulture Remix”!
  23. trailer mix
    See the Fantastic Four Comic-Con TrailerThey’re coming.
  24. comic-con 2015
    10 Big Questions That Comic-Con Might AnswerIs Jon Snow alive? What will J.Law say? And will Ben Affleck look happy to be there?
  25. uh-oh
    Josh Trank Leaves Star Wars FilmThe force is with Trank, but he’s not a Jedi yet.
  26. trailer park
    Dr. Doom Appears in NewFantastic 4 Trailer“Doom.”
  27. fantastic four
    Here Is What Fantastic Four’s the Thing Will Look LikeIt’s something!
  28. summer movie preview 2015
    The Summer of Tentpole AmnesiaThey’re a chance for producers to shout, “Do-over!” after some particularly egregious past creative misstep.
  29. chat room
    Miles Teller on Insurgent and Fantastic Four“I don’t want to play a character.”
  30. we’re excited 4 it
    The Fantastic Four Movie Seems Really Good All of a SuddenWe finally know some details.
  31. trailer mix
    Fantastic Four Teaser: Science Looks Sooooo CoolMichael B. Jordan in a tank top, repairing a car. 
  32. it’s cancelin’ time
    It’s Tragic and Disappointing That Marvel Is Canceling Fantastic FourIt was likely due to petty film-licensing squabbles.
  33. party chat
    Miles Teller Promises a Much More Realistic Fantastic Four“We don’t have Michael Chiklis in a big Styrofoam thing.”
  34. casting couch
    Tim Blake Nelson Joining Fantastic FourAs the scientist who eventually becomes Mole Man.
  35. casting couch
    Fantastic Four Reboot Finds Its Bad GuyThe Doctor Doom is in.
  36. casting couch
    The New Fantastic Four Reboot Has a CastMeet the new Thing!
  37. these reboots were made for walking
    The Fantastic Four Reboot Script Is Ready to GoActor tests start at the end of the month.
  38. superheroes
    New Fantastic Four Movie Finds Its DirectorYay, a superhero movie!
  39. stunt dying
    Sad News for the Fantastic FourR.I.P. Johnny Storm.
  40. makin’ it
    Geekdom Pauses to Honor Stan LeeThe original comic-book guy gets his day and his Hollywood star. The schools stay open, though.
  41. gag lines
    In Memoriam: Chris Evans’s Smart-ass PersonaCaptain America doesn’t make jokes.
  42. suits
    House of Ideas Sued by Guy Who Came Up With ThemThe estate of Jack Kirby, co-creator of a majority of Marvel Comics’ most famous and lucrative characters, is suing Marvel to terminate copyrights and claim profits.
  43. news reel
    ‘Fantastic Four’ Director Wishes He Had a Better Cast
  44. apropos of nothing
    The Silver Surfer: Hood Ornament? Mannequin? Franchise?Jesse Morrison, a 29-year-old film major in Memphis, was just fired from his job as a projectionist for using his access to write an early dis of The Fantastic Four sequel on fanboy haven Ain’t It Cool News. (AICN responded in the site’s own inimitable fashion: “Have I mentioned yet that 20th Century Fox can go fuck themselves?”)
  45. quote machine
    Johnny Depp Bemused by Bizarre Fan Homage
  46. ranters and ravers
    Did Someone Actually Call ‘Fantastic 4’ Stunning?