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Fargo Season Two

  1. legacies
    Fargo’s Second Season Will Be a Classic in Its Own RightThe best movie-to-TV conversion since M*A*S*H.
  2. close reads
    References to Fargo the Movie in Fargo S2Oh yah.
  3. influences
    The Cast of Fargo on How They Found Their Voices This Season“When the words are really, really good, you just try them on and surrender. It’s just like music that plays over you.”
  4. notes on a scene
    Noah Hawley Annotates One of Fargo’s Tensest Scenes So FarListen for that chainsaw.
  5. tv review
    Fargo’s Second Season Is One of the Best TV Dramas This YearSeason two expands and deepens a fiendishly complex world.