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  1. Three Ladies Resurrect Bro Humor in 2017We as a collective comedy audience have something of a fascination with watching dudes be idiots. Bumbling, farting, drunk or high on their own […]
  2. last night on late night
    Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon Get Scared, Fart in a Haunted HouseThings happen to you when you’re scared, guys.
  3. backstories
    An Oral History of the Wet Hot American Summer Fart TrackHere, at last, is the real, unedited story.
  4. Eugene Mirman Reviews a Bunch of Farts for ‘Vulture’Proving that “if people are polite, I don’t mind doing whatever,” comedian and Bob’s Burgers voice actor Eugene Mirman recently agreed to […]
  5. farts
    Bob’s Burgers’ Eugene Mirman Very Seriously Reviews FartsThe voice of Gene Belcher opines on bottom-toots.
  6. There Is No Such Thing as a Smart Fart JokeIt’s kind of good and fun, or at least strangely comforting, to have this positivist attitude about comedy and comedy writing, that if you just […]
  7. whoever smelt it dealt it
    Bob’s Burgers Wrote a Fart Song that Is a Work of Art“Come on and set it free / cause farts are liberty!”
  8. important journalism
    Hill, Rogen, Franco on Weed, Farts, MasturbatingWho is the most apocalypse-ready?
  9. You Can Send a Fart by Mail, If You Want To“Farts just like Dad used to make.” (Their words, not ours.)
  10. How ‘30 Rock’ Cut the Kraft Cheese Product Placement Deal “It’s the Kraft Product Placement Comedy Hour. Sponsored by Kraft Singles. Made with Milk. It’s the cheese that won World War II (Don’t ask […]
  11. Leslie Nielsen’s Tombstone Has a Fart Joke On ItMade at his request, no less. A true comedy legend ‘til the end, this one.
  12. Left Handed Radio: ‘How Did You Know it Was Banksy?’On this episode: a housecat ruins a man’s life, a hotel guest finds more than a mint on his pillow, all the cold cuts keep disappearing, Trevin […]
  13. There’s Some Really Weird Shit Coming to CommunityAccording to this definitely serious and not a joke tweet by Community creator Dan Harmon, there’s some pretty strange stuff coming to an […]