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Fast And Furious

  1. the replacements
    Wanted to See F9 This Weekend? Try These 5 Movies Instead.Death Proof, the original The Italian Job, and more.
  2. Let Out a Good Lunchtime Cry to the Paul Walker Doc’s TrailerPremiering August 11.
  3. family
    Fast and Furious Cartoon Explodes Through Wall, Drifts Into Netflix QueueOr as DreamWorks should call it, Teenage Mutant Tony Toretto.
  4. feuds
    The Rock Is ‘Not Quite Sure’ If He’ll Participate in Next Fast and Furious MovieThe Diesel-Rock feud continues…
  5. Vin Diesel Announces Fast and Furious Live Tour, So Be Sure to Take Your FamilyYou live life a quarter mile at a time, but you’re going to have to drive all the way to your local arena, and let us know how they pull this off.
  6. kissing
    Vin Diesel Keeps Insisting His Fast 8 Kiss With Charlize Theron Was GoodVin does not like being compared to a dead fish.
  7. where's the beef?
    Vin Diesel Shrugs Off Dwayne Johnson Feud: ‘It’s Not Always Easy Being an Alpha’Bro, we get it.
  8. missed opportunities
    Fast 8’s Dramatic New Title Is an Inexplicable Missed OpportunityAs fate would not have it.
  9. fast and really furious
    Dwayne Johnson’s Opinion of His Fast 8 Male Co-Stars: ‘Candy Asses’“There’s no other franchise that gets my blood boiling more than this one.”
  10. drivers ed
    Helen Mirren Didn’t Get to Drive in Fast 8“I know how to double declutch.”
  11. the forever franchise
    Diesel Confirms Furious Trilogy, Releases DatesAlso, he’s in full Xander mode.
  12. the industry
    Furious 8 Might Be the First Major Movie to Film in Cuba in DecadesHouse of Lies is also set to film an episode in Havana.
  13. the industry
    Fast and Furious Will Get a Shared Universe, TooUniversal is developing prequels and spinoffs for the series.
  14. fast and furious
    A Definitely Real Leaked Rough Cut of Fast 8It depicts a very realistic view of driving in New York City.
  15. lawsuits
    Paul Walker’s Daughter Sues Porsche Over Dad’s ‘Wrongful Death’The complaint alleges that Porsche took safety shortcuts while setting up his car.
  16. muscles and movies
    Dwayne Johnson and His Muscles Are in Furious 8The series can’t go on without Hobbes, he said.
  17. fast and furious
    Watch a 10-Minute Crash Course on the Fast and Furious FranchiseCourtesy of the Verge.
  18. appreciation
    Remembering Paul Walker, an Everyman With Leading-Man LooksHe was immediately relatable, which is rare for an actor so good-looking.
  19. movies
    Movie Review: Furious 7You’ll cry anyway.
  20. goals
    Vin Diesel, Meet Your Newest Superfan: Helen MirrenShe also loves driving.
  21. ‘SNL’ Review: Dwayne Johnson, Man for the JobHere’s a question I never thought I’d ask: does SNL need more men? Of course not, right? Only recently has SNL begun to shake off its “boys […]
  22. trailer mix
    Furious 7 Trailer: Vin Diesel Has No FriendsFurious 7 sounds like a break-dancing crew from the ’80s.
  23. sad things
    Watch a Fast & Furious Tribute to Paul WalkerWarning: sad times ahead.
  24. last night on late night
    J.J. Abrams: Deleted Cumberbatch Shower ScenePlus: Elizabeth Moss’s first New York apartment, a $400 bedroom sublet off of Craigslist, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  25. ideas we had
    Let Baz Luhrmann Direct a Fast & FuriousHear us out.