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  1. misogyny tsunami
    Samantha Bee on a Hillary Clinton Presidency: It’ll Be a ‘Tsunami of Misogyny’“I mean, certainly the problem of race was solved by Barack Obama.”
  2. Bill Hader Explains Why He Turned Down a Stefon Movie“There had been talk about a Stefon movie. It was a very cordial thing of Lorne Michaels coming to me and [then-SNL writer] John Mulaney and […]
  3. Ben Schwartz Explains How His Haircut Led to a Role on ‘Parks and Rec’“Prior to that, my hair was crazy. I’d been working with Mitch Hurwitz on a pilot, and I mentioned needing to get a haircut. But he’s like, […]
  4. Matt Mira on Transitioning from Apple Employee to ‘@midnight’ Writer“I feel like a lot of people are afraid to take that step, and I was afraid too, but it just came to a point where I realized I have to do […]
  5. Nathan Fielder Reveals a Rejected ‘Nathan for You’ Idea Involving Raisins“Basically all raisins are the same, you know. I thought it could be a really interesting high-end grocery item if you could make a raisin that […]
  6. ‘Broad City’s Ilana Glazer on the Importance of Viewer Quality Over […]“During the web series we were never viral. It was always just the quality of viewers. We just started to get a response from our community – […]
  7. Jeff Schaffer, Writer for ‘Seinfeld’, ‘Curb’, and More Explains How He […]“I learned how to write comedy from Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld and it was all about structure. Structure, structure, structure. A Seinfeld […]
  8. Ricky Gervais on How He Learned to Write Real Things Those clever people over at Fast Company have launched a new web series, “Creation Stories,” where interesting people tell stories about their […]
  9. Emily Heller Says Her High School Debate Team Trained Her to Do Comedy“One of the things I learned in debate that helped me not just with comedy but with everything is, learning how to make analogies. One of the […]
  10. Fred Armisen and Other Comedy/Music People Discuss the Intersection of […]“Comedy has run alongside rock and indie rock for a long time. John Lennon was funny, so were David Bowie, Ween, Lou Reed, and Devo. The Clash […]
  11. Here’s All the Fake TV Shows from ‘30 Rock’Fast Company has compiled a list of all the fake TV shows from the past seven seasons of 30 Rock, from Queen of Jordan to Bitch Hunter. Check […]
  12. Check Out a Field Guide for the Residents of ‘Portlandia’Fast Company just put out a field guide for Portlandia’s recurring characters, showing the ins and outs of everyone in town from feminist […]
  13. Does Twitter Make Writing TV Comedy Harder?Do TV writers ever have to scrap jokes because people on Twitter beat them to it? “All. The. Time,” says Weekend Update head writer Alex Baze […]
  14. Dick Cavett Drops Some Hot Interview Tips“I didn’t always remember everything we’d been talking about. I was forever thinking ‘Oh shit–what was it I thought of a minute ago while this […]
  15. Conan Is Fast Magazine’s 100 Most Creative People Steve Jobs does wear a lot of black mock turtle necks, doesn’t he? Got him! This month Conan channels Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People […]