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    Collins U.S., Relic of Book-Biz Re-Branding, Is DeadThe imprint recalled a more optimistic time in America — the year 2004.
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    Writing the Obit for the Character Who Died Last Night on ‘The Wire’Spoilers, obviously.
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    Proposition Joe, East Baltimore Drug Kingpin, Is Dead“You cross me, I’m a snake. But on a straight-up proposition, with a handshake? My word is my bond.”
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    Nathan Petrelli, Ex-Bearded Ex-Congressman, Dies at 40Nathan Petrelli, a former Naval officer and district attorney from New York whose congressional career was cut short by his disfigurement and the disappearance of his brother, died last night in Odessa, Texas.
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    Niki Sanders, Loving Mother and Sociopath, Dies at 33Niki Sanders, a former casino worker and online-pornography performer, died in an explosion in an abandoned building in New Orleans last night.
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    Adios, Lonelygirl15It seems like only eleven months ago that we found out lonely girl Bree Avery wasn’t really a home-schooled video-blogging 16-year-old, but rather the invention of a filmmaking duo from California — and now she’s dead.
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    Harry Potter: The Complete ObituariesA complete compendium of the last year’s death reports on the Wizarding News Wire.
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    So Long, Bobby Bacala