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  1. crazy ex girlfriend
    Here Are Rachel Bloom’s Fave Sex and Death Songs“The first album I bought was the soundtrack to the Goofy movie, which is a great soundtrack that holds up.” 
  2. favorites!
    Unsurprisingly, Frank Ocean Has Great Taste in Music and MoviesMany of his Blonde collaborators make the cut.
  3. Celebrities Share Their #fav7films on TwitterAt least two classics made before 1970 are required.
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    The Obamas Discuss Their Favorite Songs of 2015 Great taste, everyone.
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    Comedians Recall Their Fave Key & Peele SketchesFrom Nick Kroll and Ken Marino to the Lucas Bros. and David Cross.
  6. favorites!
    In Praise of Face OffIt’s the least petty reality competition program, ever.
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    Blue Ivy Likes Jay Z’s Songs More Than Beyoncé’sSays Beyoncé.
  8. Kumail Nanjiani Loves ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’Kumail Nanjiani’s new standup special, Beta Male, premieres on Comedy Central tomorrow at midnight, and Examiner has a fun chat with him about […]
  9. Who’s Your Favorite ‘Office’ Character?About a year or so after the American version of The Office first premiered in 2005, I remember asking my aunt if she’d seen the show yet. She […]
  10. favorites!
    Daniel Craig Is Roger Moore’s Favorite Bond, TooHe has “the best build of any Bond.”
  11. Yep, This Girl Definitely Looks Like Michael CeraAt first, I was like, “oh, poor Michael Cera.” But then it’s also sort of, “oh, poor this girl.” Really, I guess it’s “oh, poor everyone.” […]