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Fede Alvarez

  1. texas forever
    Texas Will Be Chainsaw Massacred Once More in New TCM Franchise RebootIt will be produced by Evil Dead director Fede Álvarez.
  2. reboots
    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Series Is Being Rebooted for 2018No more Rooney Mara, Daniel Craig, or David Fincher. Don’t Breathe director Fede Alvarez is taking over.
  3. Don’t Breathe’s Director Is Addicted to Scaring“There’s a great thrill when you sit with an audience — when everyone is screaming and jumping and laughing and covering their faces.”
  4. sequels forever
    Sam Raimi Might Be Directing Army of Darkness 2According to Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez.
  5. movies
    Diablo Cody Is Rewriting the Evil Dead RemakeSam Raimi and Bruce Campbell will produce.
  6. robots
    Hollywood Buying Every Robot-Themed Short Film It Can Get Its Hands OnAre you an unknown commercial director with an interest in robots and the ability to fill five minutes with dazzling, low-cost special effects? This is your time!
  7. kanye
    Kanye Grants Unknown Filmmaker’s $30 Million WishFede Alvarez probably owes him a thank-you card.