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Federico Fellini

  1. influences
    8 Things That (Probably) Wouldn’t Exist Without Fellini’s 8 ½One very famous R.E.M. video, for starters.
  2. casting couch
    Juliette Lewis Set for Fellini RemakeOy.
  3. guided tour
    Behind the Scenes at Cinecittà, Rome’s Legendary StudioAt 75 years old, the lot where Ben-Hur, Roman Holiday and Gangs of New York were shot has survived war, fire, and near bankruptcy.
  4. movies
    Someone May Let Lee Daniels Adapt a Fellini MovieSomeone needs to be stopped.
  5. agenda
    Fellini’s Diary Sketches Feed ‘The Book of Dreams’Rizzoli’s latest large-format treasure will be recognizable to anyone familiar with the director’s work.