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  1. the gold rush
    When Keri Russell Won a Golden Globe for Felicity, Awards Shows Got InterestingThe Hollywood Foreign Press Association is known for rewarding absolutely bananas television, but in 1998, the decision felt right.
  2. casting
    Keri Russell Is in Talks for Star Wars: Episode IX, a.k.a. Space FelicityThere will be “action-heavy fight scenes.”
  3. 2018 atx festival
    Scott Foley Has No Idea What Happened at the End of Felicity “Hold on, I died?!”
  4. last night on late night
    Even Scott Speedman Couldn’t Pretend to Like Keri Russell’s Felicity HaircutIt was chia pet-like.
  5. tv couples bracket
    Felicity Had TV’s Greatest Love Triangle, But No Great CouplesWhile this trio made for great TV, as couples, they were terribly boring. 
  6. tv recommendations
    Matthew Rhys Has Never Seen a Full Episode of FelicityThis must change.
  7. last night on late night
    Former Felicity Hunk Scott Speedman Is Now Too Old for Shirtless ScenesOn his new show Animal Kingdom.
  8. famous haircuts of 1999
    Keri Russell Not Over Felicity HaircutNoel said he didn’t like it, but really he was just jealous she chose Ben.
  9. stay tuned
    What Are Some Good College Shows? Your Pressing TV Questions, AnsweredPlus: Can Scandal Twitter calm down?
  10. chat room
    Scandal’s Scott Foley Ships Olivia and Jake“No one remembers that the whole show started off with Fitz cheating on his wife again.”
  11. party chat
    Scott Foley Explains Felicity’s Noel to a Fangirl: ‘He’s Fake’“Noel’s … fake.”
  12. chat room
    Keri Russell on Her Racy Spy Show The Americans“I was like, Blow job in the hotel room: What?”
  13. casting couch
    Keri Russell Cast in FX’s KGB Spy Drama, The AmericansFelicity!
  14. nostalgia fact-check
    Nostalgia Fact-Check: How Does Felicity Hold Up?Noel or Ben!
  15. tv
    Ha-ha, Felicity Predicted the iPad1999 was a magical year.