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Fetch The Boltcutters

  1. fetch the bolt cutters
    Obviously Fiona Apple Slept Through Her Latest Grammy WinsSo, really, you could say she won them in her sleep.
  2. best of 2020
    The Best Albums of 2020Stuck inside indefinitely, musicians did what they do best: make art to help get us through the day.
  3. my collab is dropping
    Shameika Stepney Reunites With Classmate Fiona Apple on Single ‘Shameika Said’Yes, that Shameika.
  4. live sets
    Fiona Apple Simmers Through Virtual Fetch The Bolt Cutters SetThe singer played “I Want You to Love Me,” “Shameika,” and “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” off her most recent album.
  5. legends on legends
    Like You, Lady Gaga Is a Fetch the Bolt Cutters Fan: ‘That’s Culture’Fiona Apple’s reply: “Lady. You stood up for me.”
  6. open purses
    Fiona Apple Pledges to Donate Two Years of Song Royalties to CharityTime to redistribute some “Hollywood cash.”
  7. chart update
    DaBaby’s Blame It on Baby Overtakes The Weeknd on DaBillboard 200As it should be called during his reign.
  8. extremely online
    Fiona Apple Fans Have Cut Our Bolts With These MemesAnd our cutters? Fetched.
  9. review roundup
    Critics Agree: Fiona Apple’s Fetch the Bolt Cutters Is an Instant ClassicConsider it an early Album of the Year.
  10. a long talk
    Allow Fiona Apple to Reintroduce Herself“Nowadays, I try to remember who I was before all this started.”
  11. as told to
    The Story Behind Every Track on Fetch the Bolt CuttersFiona Apple reached into the past to confront her rapist, middle-school bullies, and herself.
  12. album review
    Fiona Apple’s Fetch the Bolt Cutters Is the Album She Deserved to Make All AlongThe singer-songwriter has had a breakthrough.
  13. upcoming albums
    Fiona Apple’s New Album Title Is a Gillian Anderson QuoteFetch the Bolt Cutters is coming soon.