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Fighting Words

  1. fighting words
    A$AP Rocky, Defense Lawyer for His Penis, Won’t Hear Your Sex-Tape Slander“MY PENIS AND I WOKE UP 2 THE ALARMING DISTURBANCE OF A VIDEO CLIP 2DAY.”
  2. fighting words
    Robert De Niro Goes Off on ‘Pig’ Donald Trump“He’s an embarrassment to this country.”
  3. fighting words
    Cannes: Nicolas Winding Refn Lays the Smackdown on Lars Von TrierIt’s a veritable Danish-director insult fest.
  4. fighting words
    George R.R. Martin Called Out by Diana GabaldonWords fired.
  5. fighting words
    Aaron Sorkin Apologizes for Burning Tim Cook Over Apple’s Factory ConditionsAnd the children working in those factories all sigh with disappointment.
  6. fighting words
    Aaron Sorkin Blasts Tim Cook for Calling Him ‘Opportunistic’Someone call Apple Care!
  7. fighting words
    Howard Stern Doesn’t Expect Much From Britney Spears on X FactorHe’s got his own singing competition to promote. 
  8. fighting words
    Why the Cast of Jersey Shore Is the Most Articulate on TVSay what you will about Snooki, The Situation, and the rest, but they are awake to the weirdness of their own celebrity, and sound like it.
  9. fighting words
    Letterman Sasses Leno About Conan on RegisBut in a sweet way.