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  1. the law
    Lil Uzi Vert Accused of Striking and Pointing a Gun at Ex-GirlfriendBrittany Byrd has now filed a police report against Uzi.
  2. r. kelly
    R. Kelly’s Ex-Girlfriends Fought Each Other On-Camera on His 53rd BirthdayFollowing Savage’s arrest, she has reportedly reunited with her family. Meanwhile, Clary is considering working with the Feds against Kelly.
  3. the law
    Alec Baldwin Pleads Guilty in Parking-Spot FightHe also has to complete a short anger-management course.
  4. fights
    Aaron Carter Reportedly Attacked by Fellow Musician for Racist RemarkHe dismissed a Latinx musician by saying, “Bye Felipe.”
  5. feuds
    Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe Are Feuding Following a Hotel-Room ConfrontationBanks and Crowe have offered differing takes on why Crowe kicked her out of his party.
  6. fights
    Who Would Win in a Fight, Batman or Superman? Celebs and General Zod Weigh InAnd comics creators, too!
  7. splitsider
    A Rival Public Access Producer Almost Started a Brawl on ‘The Chris […]Last night’s Chris Gethard Show started out with an innocent concept: Bring 200 kazoos to the Manhattan Neighborhood Network studio and see […]
  8. candy
    Watch: Raid Director Dissects His Five Favorite Fight ScenesLots o’ Jackie Chan.
  9. Chevy Chase Once Dressed like a Punk and Proceeded to Fight Punks Fast-forward to the 6:50 mark. How crazy is this? How strong must Chevy have been? All those years of physical comedy must’ve given him super […]
  10. Don’t Mess With Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin does not like the paparazzi. Proof: these two amazing photos of him tussling with a Daily News photographer, an interaction he […]
  11. Eddie Brill Responds to His New York Times ProfileEddie Brill was the subject of Jason Zinoman’s comedy column last week in the New York Times, and he didn’t come off looking too good. The most […]
  12. clickables
    Watch a Late-Night IHOP Fight Narrated by Boba FettNo word from the Stormtrooper.
  13. fights
    Michelle Rodriguez Will Beat Up a Man for FunAre you not entertained?