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  1. movie review
    Vengeance Is Mine, a Blast from an Unknown Past, Arrives in TheatersOriginally made in 1984, Michael Roemer’s riveting family drama is finally getting a theatrical release.
  2. movie theaters
    Your Guide to the Golden Age of Movie TheatersGoing to the movies is now way more delicious, comfy, convenient, and sensorial.
  3. Christopher Nolan and the Brothers Quay Hold Court at Film ForumThe Quays seemed to delight in revealing some of their tricks.
  4. vulture picture palace
    The Granddaddy of All Gangster MoviesD.W. Griffith makes film history.
  5. art candy
    General Tso’s ArmyUnlike most guys in New York, Edward Burtynsky isn’t just looking at China’s breakneck development to make a buck (or a billion). The photographer, subject of Manufacturing Landscapes, a new doc opening today at Film Forum, makes bizarrely beautiful, enormous photographs of China’s new industrial revolution.
  6. apropos of nothing
    Bruce Weber and Chet Baker: Both Cooler Than You