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  1. casting
    Olivia Munn Is Doing a Rom-Com and a Thriller Because She Is Every WomanIt’s all in herrrrr.
  2. vulture lists
    And Now, Every Jordan Peele Project Currently in DevelopmentIt’s not all scary stuff.
  3. awards season
    Where You Can Watch This Year’s Golden Globe NomineesNot every film is confined to the theater.
  4. the industry
    France Offers Higher Subsidies for Movies That Hire More WomenAnd yes, there is a male executive who thinks it’s unnecessary. How did you guess?
  5. film
    Christopher Nolan Is Taking a Stand Against How His Movies Look on Your TVYou may never how good Dunkirk actually was.
  6. film
    Ben Schwartz Will Be the Voice of Sonic the HedgehogWe had no idea he was so fast.
  7. the oscars
    The Oscars Are Changing Because You Aren’t WatchingABC walked the Academy through the numbers and they were … not good.
  8. metoo
    RBG Director Talks Sexism in News After Les Moonves Scandal“…we just kept going and didn’t really think about some of the indignities that we were subjected to,”
  9. film
    Zazie Beetz Might Join Joaquin Phoenix in JokerAnd we’re already so worried about her character’s fate.
  10. movies
    Kate Winslet, Diane Keaton, and Mia Wasikowska Team Up to Break Your HeartApparently they don’t think we’ve had enough.
  11. film
    Jim Broadbent, Judi Dench to Star in Film Co-written by Eddie IzzardThis wildly uplifting cast will star in a thriller about school girls loyal to Hitler.
  12. film
    A Quiet Place Writers to Adapt Stephen King’s The Boogeyman Into a FilmIt’s a great time to be a Stephen King fan and a bad time to be a person who plans to sleep again.
  13. film
    Kobe Bryant’s Film Academy Invite Is CanceledFor now, he’ll just have to settle for being an Olympic medal and Oscar winner.
  14. film
    Director of New Billy Zane Film Reveals He Is Blind A Week Before PremiereAdam Morse kept his vision impairment a secret even from the film’s investors.
  15. vulture festival 2018
    James Carville/Mary Matalin Film in Works from Gyllenhaal and SarsgaardThe famed political couple might get the Hollywood treatment.
  16. film
    MoviePass Users Shouldn’t Plan On Repeat Viewings of Infinity WarOr any other movie, for that matter.
  17. film
    Eddie Redmayne Spoke at Stephen Hawking’s Star-Studded FuneralSeveral stars paid tribute to the late cosmologist.
  18. independent spirit awards 2018
    John Mulaney and Nick Kroll Name Names in Independent Spirit Awards MonologueNick Kroll shares a disgusting (alleged) story about Brett Ratner and six doughnuts.
  19. sexual assault
    HTGAWM Actress Karla Souza Says She Was Raped by a Director Early in Her CareerSouza said she was assaulted while filming on location in Mexico.
  20. trailer mix
    Jon Hamm Has a Lot of Questions in the Beirut TrailerRosamund Pike co-stars in the upcoming thriller, written by Bourne screenwriter Tony Gilroy.
  21. Eve’s Bayou Remains a Beautiful Portrait of Black Identity 20 Years LaterRevisiting the film’s legacy on its 20th anniversary.
  22. Now, Voyager Is One of the Most Poignant Depictions of Mental Illness EverAn appreciation of the film on its 75th anniversary.
  23. harvey weinstein
    The Weinstein Company Is in Total MeltdownThe board of the company is reportedly looking to sell — or completely shut down the studio.
  24. Kofi Siriboe on Queen Sugar, Girls Trip, and Letting Go of His Body Issues“I grew up with the complex that I was always chubby.”
  25. vulture lists
    Your Very British Streaming Guide to Elizabethan Period DramasFrom the silliness of Blackadder to the seriousness of Elizabeth I.
  26. How The Beguiled Subtly Tackles Race Even When You Don’t See ItAnd why auteur theory has limited conversations about the film.
  27. hollywood
    Anne Hathaway Speaks Frankly About Being ‘Scared’ of Trusting Female Directors“When I get a script, when I see a first film directed by a woman, I have in the past focused on what was wrong with it.”
  28. great debates
    What the Debate Around Black American and British Actors Gets WrongIf black American stories are seen as vital, why aren’t black American actors viewed as their ideal storytellers?
  29. WATCH: We Ranked Steven Spielberg’s Top 10 FilmsThere isn’t a genre he can’t do.
  30. Andy Serkis on the Biggest Challenge of Motion-Capture ActingHis answer may surprise you. 
  31. YouTube Stars Take on Two Truths and a LieHow did this keep coming back to quizzes about losing their virginity?
  32. Dirty 30 Cast on Writing Accurate Female RolesThe YouTube stars told us about their relatable characters in the new film Dirty 30.
  33. This Designer Creates Mesmerizing Art Films This is what happens when you mix ink, oil, soap, and a little bit of glitter.
  34. respect the classics
    The Who Not Happy About Quadrophenia SequelIt really is free frustration in their minds and their toes.
  35. This Hand-painted Movie About Vincent Van Gogh Brings His Paintings to LifeIt’s pretty incredible to watch.
  36. film
    Star Wars: Force Awakens Makes AFI Top 10 ListJust in time.
  37. Watch: In Praise of the ‘Magic Hour’ in CinemaFrom Django Unchained and Apocalypse Now to Her and Lawrence of Arabia.
  38. hollywood sexism
    Federal Gov’t Investigates Hollywood Gender BiasThe Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is investigating discrimination against women directors.
  39. fuhgettaboutit
    What Hollywood Gets Right (and So Wrong) About Staten IslandThe ferry runs all night, Carrie Bradshaw.
  40. review
    It’s Time to Rethink How We Talk About SharknadoYes, really.
  41. art
    John Waters Made a Pink Flamingos for KidsIt’s called Kiddie Flamingos, and it’s censored, G-rated obscenity.
  42. future of movies
    In an All-Digital Future, It’s the New Movies That Will Be in TroubleWhen it comes to preserving movies, the digital revolution may turn out to be a catastrophe.
  43. film
    American Film Institute’s Best Films of the Year Goes to 11The Institute honored Selma, Into the Woods, and Boyhood, among others.
  44. Christopher Nolan on Why He Won’t Make Comedies: ‘There’s No Hiding Behind […]“I would try anything I think except comedy or romantic comedy. Those are very tough genres to work in. They rely on an unanimity of audience […]
  45. Watch Jack Black Reunite, Rock Out With His ‘School of Rock’ Co-Stars In honor of the 10th anniversary of School of Rock, Jack Black gathered with co-stars in Austin recently to screen the movie and relive the […]
  46. zero dark thirty
    Edelstein on Hardball: Zero Dark Thirty Torture“I don’t think friendly interrogation frankly is quite as cinematic.”
  47. They’re Making an ‘ALF’ Movie Because…?What did you expect, Hollywood not to make an ALF movie? Sony has acquired the rights and is developing it to be a part CG-part live action […]
  48. Exclusive Clip from the Kevin Smith Presented ‘Bindlestiffs’ Bindlestiffs follows three suspended high schoolers (played by the real live high schoolers who made the movie) who run off to the inner city […]
  49. The Lost Projects of Trey Parker and Matt StoneLost Roles is a weekly column that takes a particular comedic actor or writer and dives deep into all of their movie and TV projects that came […]
  50. film
    Werner Herzog Thinks All His Films Could Have the Same Title’Gazing Into the Abyss’ is pretty catchy.
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