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  1. finales
    A Complete Guide to Every TV Show Ending in 2019So long and farewell, sweet content.
  2. overnights
    Timeless Series Finale Recap: The Ghosts of Christmas FutureIncredibly satisfying and neatly resolved, the series-ender gives the gang the happily-ever-after, ride-off-into-the-sunset ending they deserve.
  3. homecoming
    Homecoming’s Season Finale Sticks It to the ManIt’s an immensely satisfying ending.
  4. chat room
    You’s Elizabeth Lail on That ‘Heartbreaking’ Season Finale“By the end of it, Beck’s just in fight or flight mode.”
  5. close reads
    The Legacy and the Lunacy of House of CardsThe show’s final season considers serious issues raised by the 2016 election, and it also gets completely nuts.
  6. spoilers
    The Profound Grief of The Haunting of Hill HouseIt’s not a paranormal story so much as a meditation on the way trauma maims the living. And it’s scary as hell.
  7. spoilers
    Better Call Saul Showrunner on the Season-4 Finale and the End of Jimmy McGill“You might be seeing the death of Jimmy McGill as we’ve known him,” says Saul co-creator Peter Gould.
  8. tv review
    Better Call Saul Ends a Bleak, Beautiful SeasonSaul caps off its best season yet with a bruisingly sad finale.
  9. tv land
    Younger Ends Its Fifth Season With a Perfect Moment of DoubtCharles and Liza, not happily ever after?
  10. close reads
    Let’s Talk About the Sharp Objects FinaleLike everything in this HBO miniseries, it forces us to look and listen very carefully.
  11. tv history
    Dinosaurs: The Making of TV’s Saddest, Strangest Sitcom FinaleIn 1994, a goofy show about anthropomorphic dinosaurs tried to warn about the dangers of climate change.
  12. close reads
    Let’s Talk About the Orange Is the New Black Season 6 FinaleWhat does that shocking last scene mean for OITNB’s future?
  13. lists
    Our 9 Biggest Questions About The Handmaid’s Tale Season FinaleHas Serena Joy had a real change of heart? How will June survive? And is you-know-who really dead?
  14. An Oral History of The Americans Series FinaleBehind “START,” one of the finest series-enders of the modern TV era.
  15. close reads
    The Meaning of Elizabeth’s Dream in The Americans FinaleIt’s a moving view into a woman skilled at building boundaries between herself and the world around her.
  16. Was Renee a Russian Spy on The Americans?Actress Laurie Holden says there’s definitely a correct answer.
  17. vulture lists
    Who Has the Saddest Ending on The Americans?Every major character suffers a tragedy in the series finale. But whose ending is the grimmest?
  18. close reads
    Let’s Talk About the 13 Reasons Why Season-Two FinaleWe’ll need at least another 13 hours to process it.
  19. trailer mix
    This Trailer for Sense8’s Final Season Packs in a Lot of FeelingsThe cluster says farewell.
  20. How Silicon Valley Came Up With Richard’s Season Finale DissAnd where the show goes from here.
  21. The Walking Dead Had Its Lowest-Rated Midseason Premiere EverThere was a 25 percent drop-off.
  22. Saying Goodbye to ‘@midnight’ with Co-Creator Alex BlaggTwo weeks ago, @midnight host Chris Hardwick announced that the show would be ending its run tonight after airing its 600th episode. Since its […]
  23. a tribe called quest
    A Tribe Called Quest Declared Panorama Concert Their Last New York Show EverThe group announced FYF Fest would be their final Los Angeles show last Saturday.
  24. the vulture tv podcast
    Listen to the Final Episode of the Vulture TV PodcastFarewell!
  25. peak tv
    TV Is Moving Away From Finale Fever — Which Is Making for Better TVEndings still matter, but not nearly as much as they used to.
  26. How to End a TV Show: An Exclusive Look at the Making of The Leftovers FinaleThe hardest part about making Damon Lindelof’s Apocalypse-obsessed follow-up to Lost was figuring out how it should end.
  27. Here’s Why Tonight’s New Girl Finale Was Probably Not the End of the ShowThe odds suggest we’ve not yet seen the last of New Girl.
  28. finales
    I. Marlene King on Pretty Little Liars’ EndThe finale will be a “two-hour movie.”
  29. Watch Some Clips from the Final Episode of ‘The Nightly Show with Larry […]After a sudden cancellation from Comedy Central with only four days’ notice, Larry Wilmore and his team wrapped up The Nightly Show with the […]
  30. finales
    Outlander Finale: The Challenges of Making S2Dragonfly in Amber is a much more difficult book to adapt.”
  31. finales
    Where Does The Mindy Project Go Next?And where does Danny fit in?
  32. psas
    Be Careful DVR-ing The Americans TonightIf you’re reading this before 10 p.m. EST, it’s not too late to avoid catastrophe!
  33. finales
    Who Will Be Mellie’s Running Mate on Scandal?We hazard a guess. 
  34. tribeca film festival 2016
    The Final Good Wife Script Gave Julianna Margulies Lots of EmotionsThe actress called the finale “satisfying, uplifting, and sad.”
  35. finales
    American Crime Makes Us Confront How We Judge Other PeopleAmerican Crime is not escapism, it’s confrontation.
  36. the greatest show of our time
    Gossip Girl Insiders on Vulture’s Reality Index“Why did you never see Scott again? Did you honestly want to see Scott??
  37. the recap of the recap
    Gossip Girl Recap Recap: XOXO, Dan HumphreyThe final recap recap of the Greatest Show of Our Time.
  38. finales
    Seven Reasons No One Cares About Jersey Shore AnymoreOne: Watching the same cast year after year just got boring.
  39. overnights
    Homeland Recap: A World Turned Upside DownThe second season finale feels like a flip of last year’s closer.
  40. finales
    Fringe Finale Set for January 18With a two-hour episode.
  41. predicting the future
    Tina Fey Wants to Be Able to Plan 30 Rock’s End “We work for NBC, so we’ll see what they say.”
  42. overnights
    The Walking Dead Recap: Action at LastGood-bye forever, dumb farm.
  43. finales
    David Chase Finally Resolves How The Sopranos Should Have EndedWith a bonus solution for how Seinfeld should have ended, too.
  44. so you think you can dance?
    Lady Gaga Will Be Happy About the ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ FinaleThe show picks a winner.
  45. spider-man
    Spider-Man Has a Finale, FinallyNow, with more flying!