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  1. stonks!
    People Are Heavily Trading AMC Stocks Because of RedditWhere’s Margot Robbie in a bubble bath to explain these things when you need her?
  2. 🤑🤑🤑
    Industry’s Creators Decode the Show’s Most Jargony Trader TalkMickey Down and Konrad Kay walk us through what you need to know to understand the season’s major plot points — including Harper’s big screwup.
  3. Questlove Is Made Ready for What’s NextThe story of Questlove goes far beyond his roots.
  4. Why Streaming Is Reviving the Music IndustryMusic revenue could more than double by 2030.
  5. finance
    The 11 Most Extravagant Things Johnny Depp Wasted His Money OnIncluding a diamond cuff, a gigantic yacht, and a $30,000-a-month wine habit.
  6. trailer mix
    Watch Anna Gunn in the New Equity Trailer“Don’t let money be a dirty word.”
  7. Icons Give ThanksAs Maria Ruiz on Orange Is the New Black, actress Jessica Pimentel plays a new mom who’s sweet but stalwart about how her child is being raised outside prison walls.
  8. The Complete Guide to Everything: Personal FinanceThis week we’re talking about personal finance, and to kick it off we decide to talk about a bunch of things we don’t understand, such as the […]
  9. ‘The Daily Show’s Jason Jones Teaches Canadian Bankers About the Free […] Here’s a report Jason Jones filed for The Daily Show last night in which he tries but fails to teach a good-hearted Canadian banker the […]
  10. stocks
    Smart Investors Stick With HollywoodStudio stocks are up, up, up!
  11. tay zonday
    Watch the Chocolate Rain Guy Sing About the EconomyOccupy Wall Street finds its voice in the Chocolate Rain dude.
  12. occupy wall street
    See the Wonder Showzen Team Tackle the MintWay before Occupy Wall Street, the guys behind Wonder Showzen got their hands on footage from the Mint, and they put their signature spin on it.
  13. finance
    Will the Jonas Brothers Sink Disney?Probably not, but then again, we majored in English, not finance.