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  1. a long talk
    Fiona Apple Is Still Calling B.S.These days, the singer spends most of her time at home, working on a new album. But that doesn’t mean she’s not paying attention.
  2. backstories
    Stalking Janet Jackson, and Other Stories Behind the Hustlers SoundtrackFiona Apple had never licensed “Criminal” — until Lorene Scafaria and Jennifer Lopez came calling.
  3. best new music
    Listen to This Mournful Collab Between King Princess and Fiona Apple“we’re gunna serve u heartbreak.”
  4. protest songs
    All the Songs Protesting Trump’s InaugurationFiona Apple, Gorillaz, Sleater-Kinney, and many more will not be silenced.
  5. women's march 2017
    Of Course Fiona Apple Made a Trump-Shaming Rallying Cry for the Women’s March It grabs him by the ahem.
  6. protest songs
    Fiona Apple Made an Anti-Trump Christmas Carol“Trump’s Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire” is truly something.
  7. diddly-dee
    Fiona Apple Had a Blast Singing Old-Timey SongsFor the Watkins Family Hour’s Tiny Desk Concert.
  8. theme songs
    Hear Fiona Apple’s New Theme Song for The AffairStarring Ruth Wilson and Dominic West.
  9. vulture recommends
    8 Best New Songs of the WeekBanks, Alvvays, and Weezer.
  10. cameos
    Fiona Apple Was on a French Superhero ShowCan you tell what’s happening?
  11. superheroes
    Fiona Apple Will Be on a French Superhero ShowC’est bon!
  12. free fiona
    Fiona Apple Is No Fan of Rex Reed“You’re a c-nt.”
  13. quotables
    Fiona Apple Has More Thoughts About Heckling“I don’t have any problem getting angry at someone who insults me in the middle of a show.”
  14. free fiona
    Fiona Apple Got Heckled Again, and It Didn’t End WellLeave Fiona alone.
  15. advertising
    Fiona Apple Covered Willy Wonka’s ‘Pure Imagination’ to Promote TacosIn a haunting ad for Chipotle.
  16. clarifications
    Fiona Apple Wants You to Know That She Finished Her Set Last WeekShe wrote Questlove an e-mail to clarify.
  17. walk-offs
    Fiona Apple Also Walked Offstage Last NightIn Tokyo.
  18. sightings
    Fiona Apple Is Going Back Out on TourWith Blake Mills.
  19. music videos
    Watch All Five of the Paul Thomas Anderson–Fiona Apple Music Videos“Across the Universe,” “Paper Bag,” “Fast As You Can,” and “Limp.”
  20. videology
    Paul Thomas Anderson Directed Fiona Apple’s New VideoReunion!
  21. oscars 2013
    Turns Out the Academy Doesn’t Like Cool MusicOr lap dances.
  22. year in culture
    The Top Ten Music Videos of 2012Lana! Fiona! And Danny Brown, of course.
  23. best song
    Matthew McConaughey Is Eligible for the Best Original Song OscarSo are Fiona and Rick Ross.
  24. sad things
    Fiona Apple Wrote a Very Sad Letter About Her DogAnd she’s postponing her tour.
  25. right-click
    Fiona Apple’s Rambunctious This Is 40 Song Is Here“Hot Knife,” meet “Dull Tool.”
  26. soundtracks
    Fiona Apple Wrote a New Song for This Is 40And she’s eligible for an Oscar.
  27. feelings
    Fiona Apple Has Some Words for Perez Hilton“Lay off with that stuff because it hurts my feelings.”
  28. problem solving
    Stop Driving Through Sierra Blanca: A Less Drug-Bust-y Route for MusiciansSurely there are other highways.
  29. free fiona
    Fiona Is Sorry, and Also There Are No Lock BoxesAl Gore is crying.
  30. free fiona
    Meet the Man Who Told Fiona Apple to Shut Up and SingRusty Fleming does (TMZ) TV.
  31. letters
    The Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Department Has Some Words for Fiona AppleUh-oh.
  32. fiona apple
    Fiona Apple Opens Up About Her ArrestComplete with a message for some “inappropriate” Texas police officers. 
  33. the law
    Fiona Apple Got Arrested at the Border Stop Where Everyone Gets ArrestedIs there really no other way to get from Mexico to Texas?
  34. jack antonoff
    Remember When Fiona Apple Kissed fun. Guitarist Jack Antonoff at the 1997 VMAs?“This world is bullsh*t!”
  35. fiona apple
    Listen to Fiona Apple on Marc Maron’s Podcast, WTFFirst, there was Louis C.K. Then, Robin Williams. Now … who? Wait, seriously?
  36. save the date
    Fiona Apple Adds More Tour DatesCongrats, America.
  37. fiona apple
    Watch Fiona Apple’s Live Performance of ‘Paper Bag’And that’s why you bought the new album.
  38. fiona
    Fiona Apple Talks Roseland, Tells Anonymous People Off on FallonToo charming.
  39. Fiona Apple Performs ‘Anything We Want’ on Jimmy FallonBut first, she had to tell someone off.
  40. profile
    ‘I Just Want to Feel Everything’: Hiding Out With Fiona Apple, Musical HermitTalking and texting and inebriating and listening to music and staying up late and generally spending a lot of hanging-out time with one of America’s most mesmerizing and (ordinarily) most reclusive songwriters.
  41. fiona apple
    See NME Magazine Mistake Alanis Morissette for Fiona AppleNME, you oughtta know [better].
  42. videology
    Look Out, Fiona, There’s an Octopus Behind YouAnd her album is streaming now.
  43. octopus hats
    Watch Fiona Apple Wearing an Octopus in Her New Music VideoFor “Every Single Night.”
  44. sunday reads
    Sunday Reads: Muppets, Fiona Apple, and VertigoAnother way to justify staying indoors.
  45. right-click
    Grizzly Bear Returns! Plus, more new Fiona and Usher.
  46. right-click
    Here’s Another New Fiona Apple Song!Check out “Werewolf.”
  47. right-click
    Fiona Apple’s New Single Is Here!Check out “Every Single Night.”
  48. save the date
    Fiona Apple Extends Her North American TourFiona!
  49. fiona
    Behold the Track List for Fiona Apple’s New AlbumThere’s a song about werewolves.
  50. fiona apple
    Read Fiona Apple’s Handwritten Letter in Support of a High School Gay-Straight AllianceAnd she didn’t even quote Maya Angelou once!
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