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  1. inauguration day
    Katy Perry Sang ‘Firework’ Under Literal Fireworks Because Time Is a Flat CircleShe closed out Celebrating America with the Bidens and a bang.
  2. cannes 2012
    Cannes: Katy Perry, Unexpected Scene StealerHow she ended up in one of the fest’s most prestigious dramas.
  3. clickables
    Watch Katy Perry Sing ‘Firework’ With the P.S. 22 KidsFrom Oprah’s post-Oscar show.
  4. clickables
    Hear Katy Perry Sing ‘Firework’ As a Country BalladAnything Gwyneth can do, she can do … also.
  5. music videos
    With New Video, Katy Perry Is Not Done Shooting Things Out of Her BreastsBreasts, meet fireworks.