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  1. close reads
    The Florida I Know and Love Is Finally on TVWhen I watch On Becoming a God in Central Florida and Florida Girls, I’m transported back into my rose-colored memories of the Sunshine State.
  2. first person
    On Jane the Virgin, There Was No Shame in Being an Adult Woman Anxious About SexWhen I was a child, I underwent genital mutilation, a trauma that made it difficult to separate shame from sex. No show understood this like Jane.
  3. first person
    In Defense of Cousins Who Fall in Love, on Ramy and IRL(Not to be read by any of my cousins.)
  4. religion
    Ramy Can Teach You How to WuduThe Hulu comedy’s stunning first episode, “Between the Toes,” tackles the Muslim politics of cleansing for prayer.
  5. first person
    On PEN15, Everyone Is (Refreshingly) a BullyThe excellent mid-season episode, “Posh,” plays like a fable about race in American middle schools.
  6. first person
    Fast Food Deserves Better Than Donald TrumpComedy writer Bill Oakley comes to the defense of fast food after last night’s highly ridiculed White House feast.
  7. first person
    I Make Plays. I Write Criticism. I’m Not My Own Enemy.“The artist–critic war of attrition is boring. It’s a cliché.”
  8. first person
    Comedians and College Students Are Not EnemiesStand-up comedy is not “us versus them.” It is call-and-response.
  9. first person
    17 Years After 9/11, I’m Still a Terrorist in Hollywood’s EyesThis week, we observe the anniversary of 9/11 and start a new fall TV season. As unconnected as those may seem, they are totally intertwined for me.
  10. first person
    What I’ve Learned Performing Comedy at Over 50 College Campuses“When I started touring universities, my first impression was not Wow, these softies can’t take a joke! It was Oh dear God, they are so young!
  11. first person
    Gregg Turkington Speaks Out on the New ‘Popular Film’ Oscars Category“Oscar, you finally got it right.”
  12. first person
    On 10 Years of the New New-Music Scene, and 30 Years of My OwnAs the city has become more global, I have watched the music world get healthier, more complex, and less hermetic.
  13. first person
    Was My Joke the Final Nail in Fifth Harmony’s Coffin?No. The thing about Fifth Harmony is that we never should’ve had a Fifth Harmony.
  14. Why I Wrote DetroitMark Boal on the inspiration for his new movie about the 1967 Detroit riots.
  15. feature
    Jerry Saltz: My Life As a Failed ArtistDecades after giving up the dream for good, an art critic returns to the work he’d devoted his life to, then abandoned — but never really forgot.
  16. first person
    What This Is Us Gets Right About Being a Black Kid in a White FamilyAs a black adoptee raised in a white family, watching the show touches on some truths.
  17. first person
    On Six Feet Under and Those Moments When Life and TV CollideIt’s a show that felt extraordinarily personal to many people for a simple, obvious reason: We all lose loved ones.
  18. first person
    Why Kimmy Has a Savior Complex on Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtA savior mentality is one of the most difficult patterns for a former cult member to break.
  19. first person
    Crazy Ex-GF’s Greatest Legacy Is the Asian BroIf you grew up anywhere with a sizable, multi-generational East Asian population, chances are you knew, hung out with, or lusted after tons of Asian bros.
  20. first person
    Why I Tackled Mental Illness This Season on You’re the WorstIn this landscape of new shows debuting with alarming regularity, the challenge is to find a way to mature into something unexpected.
  21. holiday specials
    Sofia Coppola on A Very Murray Christmas“I do think the holidays have a sort of nostalgic melancholy and joyfulness to them, and Bill is so good with showing both those qualities.”
  22. first person
    On Master of None, the Kids Are All Right, But the Parents Are BetterWhen I first watched episode two, “Parents,” I couldn’t quite catch my breath.
  23. first person
    The Mindy Project Brings TV’s First Awesome Arranged MarriageTarun and Sonu Lahiri are pioneers of a sort.
  24. first person
    What UnREAL Gets (and Doesn’t Get) About Life As a Reality-TV Producer“The pain of every reality producer is deploying her considerable talents to tell stories that are beneath her.”
  25. first person
    How I Became the Writer of Family Guy’s 250th Ep“For the last three years, I was the girl who reminded Seth MacFarlane about his appointments, not the comedy writer who would build the bones of Family Guy’s 250th episode.”
  26. first person
    The Cultural Gaps in a Cult Child’s LifeI was going to have to lie many times when questioned about my knowledge of pop culture.
  27. first person
    I Grew Up in a Cult. Here’s What Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Gets Right.Kimmy’s enthusiasm might seem questionable, but it’s not.
  28. first person
    My Summer in Joan Rivers’s Magical Joke FactoryBy her former intern turned friend.
  29. first person
    Joe Jonas: My Life As a Jonas BrotherThe real, PG-13ish version.