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  1. Bob Zmuda’s ‘Fitzdog Radio’ Interview with Greg Fitzsimmons Represents […]Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. For fans of morbidly fascinating […]
  2. This Week in Comedy Podcasts“Knock knock.” Who’s there? “Pod.” Pod, who? “Podcast.” Oh, Podcast, come on in. “Thanks.” How’s it going, dudester? “Can’t […]
  3. This Week in Comedy Podcasts“Backstreet’s back, alright!” And by that I mean me, I’m back, alright. I’m sorry I missed last week’s column but I was on the frontlines of […]
  4. Greg Fitzsimmons on Standup, Howard Stern, ADD and Hosting a Game ShowGreg Fitzsimmons is the scrappy, Irish brawler of stand-up comedy. No, really. He admittedly has some anger issues and has been known to […]
  5. A Fairly Comprehensive Guide to Comedy PodcastsUPDATE: Come check out the newer, much-expanded version of this guide: A Seriously Comprehensive Guide to Comedy Podcasts. It’s this guide, […]