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  1. unicorns
    Blue’s Clues’ Steve and Steven Drozd Have a BandTheir first single is “The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow.”
  2. music
    Would You Like to Stream the New the Knife Album?It’s streaming now.
  3. clickables
    Hear the New Flaming Lips Single, ‘Sun Blows Up Today’Or just wait for the Super Bowl ad.
  4. beef
    Erykah Badu Did Not Approve That NSFW Flaming Lips Video“By the way you are an ass.”
  5. flaming lips
    Flaming Lips and Erykah BaduWell, now we can talk to Erykah Badu about anything, can’t we?
  6. flaming lips
    Hear a New Song From the Flaming Lips and Bon Iver, ‘Ashes in the Air’Your fever dream, orchestrated!
  7. biohazards
    The Flaming Lips Will Now Try to Sell You Ke$ha’s BloodOn a record.
  8. clickables
    Watch Flaming Lips Cover ‘I Am the Walrus’Not a crappy bootleg, either; it’s a serious(ly weird) studio take.
  9. right-click
    Merry Christmas From My Morning Jacket, the Flaming Lips, Yoko Ono, Etc.Plus: Kelly and a Snoop/Wiz video.
  10. clickables
    Hear the Flaming Lips’ 24-Hour-Long SongWayne Coyne wants to be with you ALL THE TIME.
  11. clickables
    Let Wayne Coyne Guide You Through the Flaming Lips’ Six-Hour SongHis explanation is only 23 minutes.
  12. clickables
    Hear a Six-Hour Flaming Lips Song, ‘I Found a Star on the Ground’A long chunk of the band’s even-longer ‘Strobo Trip’ EP.
  13. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Jill Scott to WeezerPlus: Devo, They Might Be Giants, Rage Against the Machine, the Newport Folk Festival, and more, in our weekly concert roundup.
  14. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Thurston Moore to Big GiganticPlus: The Antlers, My Morning Jacket, Weezer, The Black Keys, U2, and more, in our weekly concert roundup.