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  1. box office
    Dolittle Is 2020’s First Official MegaflopExperts project a loss of $100 million for Universal — the studio’s second consecutive box-office failure after Cats.
  2. auteur theory
    Dark Phoenix Director Is Sorry About … Dark Phoenix“That’s on me.”
  3. box office
    Mortal Engines Slowly Grinds to a Halt, May Lose $100 Million at the Box OfficeThe big-budget steam punk fantasy film made only $7.5 million its opening weekend.
  4. 2017’s Biggest Movie Flops Made the Case Against ‘Cinematic Universes’Audiences soured on films intended to launch franchises, reflecting a new cynicism toward Hollywood.
  5. flops
    The Mummy Is the Latest Summer-Season FlopUniversal had a lot riding on this reboot, which is rather puzzling.
  6. flops
    Ryan Reynolds Gives Green Lantern a 1 Out of 10 (1=Bad)Deadpool makes up for it, though.
  7. flops
    Iggy Azalea’s ‘Viral’ Career Comeback Isn’t Going So SmoothlyShe claims her label won’t let her make a video for her “viral” record.
  8. flops
    Even More Fantastic Four Drama LeaksWe need a Fox hack.
  9. flops
    Here’s All the Juicy Post-Flop Fantastic Four Gossip for YouWhen a film this big goes this wrong, everyone has an ax to grind.
  10. broadway
    Big Fish to End Broadway Run EarlySad fish, blue fish.
  11. the number one list show
    Recall the Five Biggest Cinematic Turkeys of All TimeOh, that’s right. John Travolta’s dreadlocks.
  12. jonaspocalypse
    Joe Jonas Nearly Maims Nick Jonas in Freak Drumstick MishapOh, no!
  13. disasters
    Update: The Jonas Brothers’ Failing Streak ContinuesTheir new TV show was watched by a mere 3.2 million kids between 6 and 14, which is the approximate number of fans standing outside of Zac Efron’s house on an average weekday.
  14. flops
    Why Is Nobody Buying the New U2 Album?Has America finally fallen out of love with the Edge’s delay pedal?
  15. flops
    Moviegoers Reject Will Smith’s Organs’Seven Pounds’ was Smith’s worst opening since ‘Ali’ in 2001.
  16. flops
    Zack and Miri Make Very Little MoneyHarvey Weinstein needed a hit this weekend and it didn’t get it.